Blizzard: Don't Copy World Of Warcraft

Blizzard's World of Warcraft is a hugely successful MMO. So if you are game developer and you want to make a hugely successful MMO, copy WoW, right? Right? Wrong, says WoW.

"There are a lot of people that try to emulate World of Warcraft - and as flattering as that is our end it's definitely not the right move," says Blizzard producer Shane Dabiri in magazine PC Zone.

"I know that World of Warcraft is very successful, and so people think if they were to make another game just like it they could somehow capture that audience. However, I don't think that's what players are looking for.

"Players that have invested time in WOW don't just want to do the same thing in other game - they want to try something completely new and different," he argues.

"I think the industry needs to move in that direction to come up with some innovative new MMOs that are trying really different things. Take City of Heroes - at least that's something that's not a fantasy game."

Man's got a point. There already is WoW. If someone wants to play a World of Warcraft like game, then they'll probably play, well, WoW.

News: Copying WoW "not the right move" [CVG]


    True enough, but there are obviously some things that WoW discovered that just work. Some games use and improve on this, such as Aion which took everything that works and is familiar with WoW and moved that in a different direction.

      and thats fine, Aion is an example of what this guys is getting at. too many games are "WoW clones" and Aion is really the MMO for the people who have been playing WoW too long. because i know a lot of veteran wow players who dropped wow for Aion just becuase it was differant. but tempting a small portion of WoW's sizable playerbase, long after WoW peaked at the end of burning crusade is no real achivement.

      Tyco(from penny arcade) made an excellent point months back in one of their podcasts. the fantasy MMO war is over, WoW won, its not the perfect fantasy MMO but its the most polished we will probably see in a long time.

      the next real battle is the Space MMO, KOTOR and Star Trek will fight it out in the next generation of MMOs using their setting as the drawcard the same way WoW did. WoW came into the fantasy MMO space with a massive established universe and fanbase as their drawcard. KOTOR and Star Trek will do the same. untill blizzard release "universe of starcraft" in 3 years and return to dominating the MMO space.

    Yeah sorry Blizzard but thats a load of crap. Thats just saying that anybody who does a MMO is copying WoW. Just because its in a open world doesn't mean its a WoW copy does it? I think Shane needs to get off his high horse and come back to reality

      I think you need to learn to read. He's saying that if you want to make a successful MMO, emulating WoW isn't going to get you it's success.

    what if you want an mmo like WoW that is.. wait for it... free?!

      Not gonna happen. Unless you manage to get a dev team the level of Blizzard's who would like to not get paid much for their job, don't hold your hopes up.

    I know I play other MMO's because they're NOT WoW. Not dissing WoW of course cuz it does do many things well, it's just that a lot of the time I want something different.

    Don't copy us because you don't have a legion of brainless zombies who will buy and play anything you make, regardless of how crap or out of date it is.

    I dropped WoW for Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. After years of playing MMOs I've finally realized how shallow and stale massive communties are to me.

    In these wonderful SP games, I can have all of the fun I'd expect to have in an MMO, plus an actual story, that is lush and rich and just literally insane -- minus the swarms and swarms of entitled, arrogant bastards.

      Don't you miss the social aspect of it though? I got really lonely playing single player games.

      My cure ended up being fighting games, can't really get more social than that personally.

    Pffft, this is true for the entire games industry, but publishers don't listen.

    I mean, let's say Bungie says "stop making space-marine games like Halo, we won" they're right. But at the same time game studios will make a space marine game which publishers will mindlessly fund because it's been proven to work at least once.

    Nothing wrong with what he's said, it's right. At least half the MMO's out there have far too similarities to WoW and for some reason think they can take their population. Unfortunately it's not going to stop people making games like Aion whose main hope of an audience is people bored of WoW rather than looking for another audience.

    The inventors of D&D called and they want their IP back.

    While I agree in principal that games too close to WoWs formula will crumble, the game has created an interface and UI that too many gamers instantly recognise to ignore. Blizzard of all the companies is best known for taking advantage of player recognition and cherry picking other genre games out there.

    It seems like an odd position for this rep to be in and make this call.

    “I think the industry needs to move in that direction to come up with some innovative new MMOs that are trying really different things. Take City of Heroes – at least that’s something that’s not a fantasy game.”

    Amongst the rest of the self-gratuitous drivel, I find that last comment particularly amusing; "take these guys for example! At least THEY didn't try and copy us!".
    Yeah, Cryptic made a superhero-themed MMO as a point of differentiation from a game that was released a good six months in the future.
    Or was Mr. Dabiri alluding to the fact that the fantasy MMO marketplace was already saturated when WoW came out, and that Blizzard itself is guilty of milking the fantasy MMO cash-cow?
    Somehow I doubt it.

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