Blizzard Will "Definitely" Make Another Console Game

It's been nine years since a Blizzard game appeared on a console. But don't worry! That doesn't mean the world's richest developers have given up taking way too long to develop games for those under-TV family game box machine things.

"...we're a company of gamers", Blizzard's J. Allen Brack told Gamasutra last week. "I have two consoles at home. Sam has consoles. We're a culture of gamers. We will definitely work on a console game at some point. I have no doubt about that. It's just [a matter of]what game. What makes the most sense?"

It's a rhetorical question, of course. You know, I know and Blizzard know that a new Lost Vikings game makes the most sense.

Fifteen Years of Warcraft: The Interview [Gamasutra]


    Lost Vikings was Blizzard?!?

    Wow, that is one of my favourite childhood games, and to think it was made byBlizzard... Wow.

    As for a sequel... Yes please! But not a cookie cut remake... It must keep the fun loving nature of the original!

      Ditto to pretty much everything you said. Had no idea Lost Vikings was Blizzard!

      Lost Vikings was Blizzard, back when they were still known as Silicon and Synapse.

    Lets hope if its not 2d it doesn't turn out like Starcraft: Ghost did.

    Star. Craft. Ghoooooooost.

    Can't say I knew about Blizzard having a console game.

    I promise all of Australia right here right now though: The day World of Warcraft comes to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is the day we're all doomed to fall into line as Blizzard's servants.

      I don't think we'll ever see WoW on a console. At least not this gen, because the MMO capabilties outweigh at least the 360's capabilties. If the PS3 handles MAG with little lag, then WoW could work.

      I wouldn't want to see it on a console, anyway. It'd just be weird...

    Honestly i can’t blame blizzard for really steering clear of consoles, just look at the types of games they make, they could hardly make the transition to consoles well. Sure they did Starcraft on the 64. But I have Srarcraft N64 and it doesn’t work quite as well as i had hoped it would. Plus now that RTS games have more options and units on screen than you can shake an analog stick at if would make it all the more jarring a transition. Apparently Diablo 3 has more of a streamlined action engine working for it, so who knows maybe we will see D3 on PS3 but i wont hold my breath.

      That could well be why we saw Diablo 3 pushed back to 2011.

        Well I’ll be getting it regardless because D2 is one of my favourite games of all time (i actually spent about 18 of the first 24 hours of the day playing it the first day i got it). But i doubt it will happen, but i recently got Dragon Age Origins on PS3 and that works phenomenally well, so that’s not to say good in depth RPG’s can’t work on consoles. I say if Blizzard can make it better than the usual PC to console port then do it.

    Lost Vikings series was my favourite snes experience.


    Please keep making PC games...

    Well it's a shame Blizzard don't seem to do new IPs anymore, but I certainly wouldn't be sad to see a new Lost Vikings game come along. :D

    3 vikings solving puzzles, aah those were the days

    I too would be absolutely thrilled to see a new Lost Vikings game, but I reckon that Blizzard will perceive it as too much of a risk (which is absurd, because every gamer older than about 23 would snap this up on release day...).

    It's far more likely, in my opinion, that we'll see an official Defense of The Ancients clone on the consoles. With far less units to wrangle than your standard RTS, I could see this being the only way to satisfactorily squeeze RTS controls into console controllers - at least until motion control doesn't suck. Plus, it suits clan/friends play more than most other Blizzard titles (except WoW, but a subscription game on consoles could be a dicey proposition).

    And as an added bonus, both consoles already have plenty of super-serious, self-proclaimed 1337s who will mercilessly pick on any noobs - just like PC DotA!

    I feel old, when "Lost Vikings" is being remembered as a console title :-P

    Maybe they will make a dumbed down version of Diablo 3 for consoles after the PC release? Games like Sacred seemed to do alright on consoles now.

    Seems like the trend these days. Although a new Lost Vikings would be nice as long as they get the "feel" right.
    New RnRR perhaps? :D

    Maybe they will bring WoW onto consoles.

    Death and Return of Superman 2 please :D

    My favourite is Rock n Roll Racing.
    ne1 out there remember it ?

    Pure fun, always had a good laugh when playing w/ friends~

      Of course! I played that with my friend to the death! And then some more. :)

      I actually plaed Rock n Roll Racing on the Mega Drive, don't think there was any difference though...

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