Borderlands DLC Now Available For PC

Note we didn't say "free." Because it's not. No, PC gamer, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned will run you $US9.99, like the rest of the console peons, no more and no less.

What do you get for your hard-won dough? Well, about eight hours of gameplay and new missions! Easy-to-critical shambling zombies! (And crawling torsos). New annoying Claptrap dialogue! And squishy, squishy brains.

Ten bucks too much? Come on. Just sell a ZR-15/2 Deathly Stomping Revolver or something. Skags barf those things up more than Mighty Skag, uh, skag food. So do the flaming psychos. The skag food I mean, not the weapons.

The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned [Steam] The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned [Gearbox Store]


    Hey David,

    The links above are around the wrong way.


        Thanks David.

    Its got SecureRom which only allows 5 installs, so no thanks.

      I just bought it. If you read the text it states 5 concurrent installs. This means installed on 5 PCs simulataneously, not 5 total installs.

      Bring on more Borderlands.

    On AU Steam it's $12.99 whereas on the US Steam it's $9.99. How's that for an unjustified cash grab? There is no excuse for this.

      Just set your country as US when putting in the billing info and it'll work. It's how I bought L4D2 uncensored.

      9.99 U.S. dollars = 10.9816423 Australian dollars at the current rate. So a price of $10.99 would've been fair. Otherwise (and yes I'm aware of how sad it is to be posting about $2) it is just another typical way Australians get ripped off when it comes to games.

      9.99 U.S. dollars = 10.9816423 Australian dollars
      Doesn't excuse the cost, but I thought I should add this anyway.

      Add that to the shiftyness with the PC of the game AND the DLC being delayed after the console versions, it definitely sounds like they are doing an Activision.

      haha dont complain i hope you picked the game off steam at 50 dollars when it launched cos they changed the price to 80 US and said the 50 was a accident

      thats a gratioutus cash grab

      if they keep doing it just means ill grab an american credit card and then even there stupid cencorship cant get to me Viva La Resistance

      Is it $9.99 US on the US store? Because that's a pretty good excuse.

      AFter the price jack from 49.99 to 79.99 what do u expect...

      The companies dont want steam to get an advantage in a select region... Though their reasoning is not justifiable...
      IMport it i say...

      I reckon! I can't possibly believe that it costs 20% more to ship all those bits to us via intertubes.

      I fail to see how this isn't discriminatory, to be honest. Anyone else think so?

      Been here long? Hehe ;)

      As Yahtzee puts it, its the "Having the best beaches tax"

      Thats exactly what I was going to point out. DAmn ripoff merchants!

    Can't say I'm interested seeing as Aussies are forced to pay more.

    I'm not paying 30% more than everyone else for a game that already has a very poor online PC service.

    WOO HOO for PC players not getting everything for free. Sorry buts true and until consoles get stuff like that for free (aka. Never), then everyone should be treated equally.

    Just like, MW2 is treated equally on the PC. =) Ouch!

    And whats so wrong with a DLC having only 5 installs - its only DLC.

    It had been a guaranteed purchase (2 actually), however now won't be purchasing. The unconscionable price gouging of Australians with the DLC and introducing installation limitations for my steam version is too much. The former I would have likely grudgingly accepted, however the later I can not.

    I've already previously attempted to contact 2K's support staff. Their link for Australian support goes to a localhost URL address (wtf) and although their automated response from US & UK support email indicated a response in 72 hours, it took them 20 days for someone to respond that they'll get back to me soon. I've no confidence that requesting a reasonable reset of the 5 install limit in the future would be actioned.

    Never bought DLC and never will, although this is one of the few fairly tempting ones (the others being the fallout 3 packs)

    When I buy a game I expect:
    1.) That I get the full game, am and not deliberately withheld content so I have to buy it later, or, in the particularly shameful case of launch-day DLC (I'm looking at YOU, dragon age) right then

    2.) That my game will continue to be supported for an acceptable amount of time through patches and additional content.

    All i can say is thank GOD we still have fantastic developers like Valve and Blizzard, who are willing to support their games YEARS after they are released, for free.

    DLC existed years before the current console generation gave it that label, it just had a different name. It was called 'patches', and it was free

    i've just checked out the prices, and it's pretty comparable anyway, 9.99USD atm works out about 10.90, then the bank will charge a currency conversion fee of 50c-$1 (i know st george does)

    or it's 6.30 pounds, which works out about 11.20 + fee... so i'm just going to pay the $13 and be done with it... i don't agree with the fact they're charging us extra, but when it's a difference of around a dollar, i couldn't care less.

    Ive been playing this for the last few hours with a friend of mine, its at least on the quality of original borderlands, so if you enjoyed that you'll enjoy this.

    sorry gary, i assumed it was 12.99 AUD, but it's 12.99 USD, which is still going to incur the exchange rate, and the fee... fark that!

    Download size is: 1110.28 MB btw (Gearbox Store DL)

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