Borderlands Expands Again With Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

Gearbox Software pumps out Borderlands' second batch of downloadable content later this month (for the Xbox 360 at least), announcing Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. What do you get for your ten bucks?

According to official word, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot offers three new Riot Mode arenas, the option to store more of your loot in an all-new bank and the ability to score two additional skill points, potentially making your level 50 character two notches more bad-ass.

Now, based on the announcement, it doesn't sound like Borderlands second downloadable episode will offer the same calibre of single-player experience that the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned did. Three new arenas sounds fine, but I spent about 0.1% of my time in Borderlands hanging out in the arenas, so I can't say I'm too excited about the possibility of making that 0.3% of my time.

If you feel like this is the kind of content you've been dying for, watch for Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot to hit the Xbox 360 on December 29 for whatever the Microsoft Points equivalent of $US9.99 is. PlayStation 3 owners get it a little later, January 7. PC gamers get it... some time.

Kotaku AU Note: That's 800 Microsoft Points or $AU12.95 on PSN.


    I think it's a competition now, "See how long you can slap the PC gaming audience with your whopping cod before they curl up and die".

    I am hoping they announce a new area like a Mississippi steamboat wharf and surrounds (no NOT the same as fallout 3)
    This arena would have to BE HUGE and let me fight 4 rakk hives at once or else its not worth it.
    that would be awesome - a challenge arena where you can add the enemies yourself... can anyone say 200 midgets and a Mothrakk AT THE SAME TIME?
    haha that would be painful

    What Borderlands needs to add for the sake of longevity is some head2head multiplayer action. thats why L4D still gets played a lot, but look at Borderlands. Everyone plays it like mad and then suddenly one day nobody is until the DLC comes out.

    Incorporated with some multiplayer 4v4 action would need to be some sort of upgrade to characters to make sure they werent' using cheating weapons, or better yet have a seperate set of gladiator weapons they can use/unlock through playing.

    Be nice to have some PvE "bosses" you could do runs with your friends to get nice gear too. They should probably raise the level cap but make sure the New Haven chests aren't still farmable at the new cap.

    "Everyone plays it like mad and then suddenly one day nobody"

    I'm sorry but I thought this is how games were played, you started and then you did everything necessary to finish, credit roll, end of game.

    Borderlands is an RPG with 4 player coop available, as far as I'm concerned if you need endless multiplayer action then we should go play quake or ut or something.

    I really love the game. Probably cause i was looking forward to it SO MUCH that even though it let me down heaps, i don't want ot hate it.

    But it failed on the hype it was given SO badly. Randomization is no where to be found unless you include opening chests and what enemies drop, but thats nothing spectacular.

    This DLC isn't going to be my sorta thing. I prefer battling outside of arenas personally. The game was much shorter than I thought it would be and i expected a lot of differences on Playthrough 2.

    The extra slots in some sort of bank thing is pointless IMO. Unless you wanna go round picking up crap weapons that are worth a lot to sell for $$$. But i tend to stick with the same 4 weapons cause i can't seem to find any greater than them.

    I really want a BIG DLC even if it means 1200. Offers heaps of extra gameplay & weapons. A whole new town, bigger than New Haven along with something the size of Rust Commons. New enemies and MORE of an RPG appeal. Most of all, hours and hours of extra gameplay.

    I hope Borderlands 2 fixes alot of its issues. I was expecting a lot more of a RPG approach. I also don't feel compelled to do it all over with a new character. I know skill points change, but thats all. It's not pulling me in enough to do it again with a Lvl 1 character.

      But Jay, your looking at this game from a RPG perspective - the game is meant to be a FPS with RPG elements not the other way around.

    Still waiting for them to fix the graphics problems they included with the last PC update.

    Sounds rather MEH! The Bank and skill points would be nice, but not interested enough to buy an Arena DLC. That's assuming they wake up to themselves and drop the DLC install limits for Steam PC purchases.

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