Borderlands Update Fixes Many A Bothersome Bug

While Gearbox Software has been busy readying at least two batches of downloadable content for shooter-RPG Borderlands, it's also gotten around to addressing many of the game's long-standing quirks, bugs and sources of player frustration.

Perhaps most notable are fixes focused on the loss of skill points and character data. Equally as welcome are changes to the display of item attributes, letting players see a weapon or shield's full specs, more skills that actually work as intended and the option to turn off auto-aim. As in really turn off auto-aim.

The update is available now for the Xbox 360, "soon" for the PlayStation 3 and "in progress and in testing" for the PC version.

There's a lot here. Read the full change list below.

  • Characters that have lost skill points will have them returned the next time they are loaded
  • Most instances involving character data loss when playing online should no longer occur
  • Item cards now display the intended five lines of text
  • Achievements should now unlock properly. Players should automatically receive achievements that did not unlock correctly
  • Fixed a progression issue in the Find Steele mission – characters affected by this issue should now be able to continue progressing
  • Some issues involving external data manipulation of the backpack and character level have been addressed
  • The auto-aim option should now fully disable auto-aim properly
  • Fixed a bug that kept challenges and achievements from unlocking for the rest of a session after visiting arenas
  • Fixed some formatting issues with the server list screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing servers to report the incorrect plot mission.
  • Proficiency progress to the next level should no longer be lost when leaving a multiplayer game as a client
  • Lilith's "Silent Resolve" skill now works as intended
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Mordecai to spawn multiple Bloodwings
  • Mordecai's "Loaded" skill now increases mag capacity by 20%
  • Roland's "Scattershot" skill has had its spread adjustment corrected, and damage now increases at +5 per level


    Do they intend to fix the "extraordinarily lame ending" bug?
    I do get the impression that they are trying to have a bit of a meaning with the ending by connecting it to "Pandora's box" being more about the existence of the box then what is actually in the box. But still there is only one other game I can think if that, when I've got to the end, it's made me think why the hell did i just do all that? I felt so let down.

    How about a friggin multiplayer fix for the PC? Do they not realise we find that the most annoying aspect thus far?

    They flat out refuse to even comment on the fact that they are price gouging us aussies through steam buy upping the price from $50USD to $80USD. Once you then use your quota to download the 8 gig its a massive rip off. Way to be jerks to Australia 2K!!

      If an 8Gb download is too much, just go and buy the game from a games store. It'll probably cost the same if you shop around and find a special.

      Besides, I thought I read that the AU$50 original price was an accident.

        Yeah, they "accidentally" charged us the same amount as everyone else; and then raised it by 60% when nobody was buying it in stores and their retail outlets cried like babies.

        For some reason the DLC is up 30% too, although for no apparent reason. Its only on Steam as retail Borderlanders can purchase it off the website for the same price as everyone else.

        +1 on PC multiplayer fix missing, "wtf."

    no more multiple bloodwings!

    Are we sure it fixed achievements that should have unlocked in DLC? I have twice completed the DLC and have not receieved the 49pt achievement (yes I have done what it needs) and I didn't get the Braaaaaaaaaains one as wel. :(

    Not happy Jan!

    Perhaps fixing the framerate bugs?

    I tend see the framerate freeze up when i get in close and melee or shoot an enemy. Especially the spiders or giant skags. Happens at least 80% - 90% of the time and almost 99% of time when using a shotgun.

    Huh, first time I've seen whinging about this game.

    Regardless I've never had a single problem in my copy of the game - prob. download this update when i get my dl limit back. Damn Aussie intertoobs...

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