Brazilian Senator Seeks Violent Game Ban

Valdir Raupp, who is both a senator and a lion of a man, has put forward a bill seeking to ban the sale and distribution of violent video games in Brazil.

Raupp is looking to "curb the manufacture, distribution, importation, distribution, trading and custody, storage [of]the video games that affect the customs [and]traditions of the people, their worship, creeds, religions and symbols".

A senate education commission has already approved the bill, meaning it's on its way now for a vote in Brazil's Committee on Constitution and Justice. If passed, anyone caught violating the law could face 1-3 years in the slammer.

Criar ou distribuir jogos ofensivos pode virar crime no Brasil [UOL, via GamePolitics]


    Who keeps voting these traditionalist in?

    I'd feel really sorry for these gamers if this law goes through.

    Cus, y'know, there's no REAL violence in that country that needs to be taken care of or anything

    I would assume all the older people who don't like what these youngsters are doing. Back in MY day, we didn't shoot people in your fancy video tv games, we just threw a ball around with our friends. Well, more AT our friends. And we couldn't afford a ball, so we just used a rock! *Mummble* When's Matlock?

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