British Sales Charts: A White Christmas

In the penultimate holiday season charts, there was only going to be one system dominating the top 40. And it's not the Xbox 360. Not the PS3, either.

No, it's the Wii, which looks set to enjoy its fourth successive Christmas atop the British charts. Fourth. I mean, come on. Mario Kart in the top 10? Another year or two of this and the game will be older than the people it's being bought for.


    So, rumours of Wii's demise have been greatly exaggerated...? My personal fave from the list is that the only PC game in the top 40 is Football Man 2010- no Sims 3, no WOW or MW2. Oh how I miss tinkering with lineups for a mere Cup match to save my big names for the weekend's League derby... and scouting for South American teenage prodigies for 5 hours at a time. Sadly life demands that I work, sleep and spend time with family.

    Good to know the Brit's still love AC. They went crazy with the first and they seem to be going crazy still with the second.

    And what was that about the GTA IV Stories not selling well??

    AND WTF is with Lego Batman?? That was released SOME time ago. Unless they are counting games bundled with consoles in this list, I would believe the UK are getting the same bundle as us here in Aussie. Lego Batman with the Elite and some other game.

    Star Wars and Indiana are much greater anyway.

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