British Sales Charts: British Sales Charts...British Sales Charts...

Is there an echo in here? I only ask because last week's British sales charts look an awful lot like this week's British sales charts.

And it's not just the first couple of games, either. The top 10 from December 26 is exactly the same as the top 10 from December 19, with only the order of a few titles swapping around to keep things interesting.


    The way Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit sell is absolutely astounding. MKW is a year and about eight months old, yet it's still ranking in the top ten. I'm not sure how old Wii Fit is, but it's also been dominating the charts. Still, the fourth quarter of this year came with tons of hyped (but not all necessarily good) releases, like Forza 3, ODST, L4D2, AC II, MW2, TBoGT, NSMB Wii, and others. Yet again, the stalwart Wii games take back their spots within weeks.

    It's amazing, but it just goes to show: sales-wise, Nintendo's already won this gen.

    I’m willing to lay down money that by this time next year Both Sony and Microsoft will have their own Wii sports carbon copy, complete with archery and bowling games. And why not?, I heard Killzone 2 had a budget of about 100 Million dollars, throw in another 15 million for marketing and you have the equivalent of a huge blockbuster Hollywood movie. And Wii sports probably outsold it by 5 times. I don’t know how much it costs to make a Wii game, but I would guess it would be substantially less than the Xbox or PS3 game. It’s way too lucrative an idea to make a game for a dime and have it shift monumental amounts.

      There have been articles that discuss the implications of the Wii, mainly the fact that people who have Wiis only buy the said games and nothing else. Surely that'll bite them in the ass by next generation.

        “The fact that people who have Wiis only buy the said games and nothing else. Surely that’ll bite them in the ass by next generation”

        I don’t think so, every single console has diehard fanboys and just look how quickly they jumped ship for the Wii as soon as it came out. If anything this is exactly the position Nintendo want to be in, if these articles are correct then Nintendo have built up enough loyalty to be in the position that they are in. That brand loyalty will transfer over to the next generation.

    Of all the games Josh listed, they are all pretty much very decent games and did exceptionally well in sales.

    I have nothing to say about the Wii sales (but i do point out that this is Wii Fit Plus not Wii Fit thats charting ever so high). Mario kart is very successful franchise. Look at it on the N64 - nothing will ever beat that game and its loved by pretty much everyone.

    Theres no denying that Wii have won this generation. Even with most likely many more years left of it, they will release a new Wii with HD no doubt and one with more HDD, most likely separately to get more sales like they do with the DS.

    But i still like to stand by the fact, that MS and Sony (even tho jumping on the motion wagon) are releasing products with respectable and acclaimed games for GAMERS. Fair enough broadening your target to get more sales and that means casual games - but MS and Sony still care more for their main audience and as long as they do that, i don't care if Nintendo rule the charts.

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