British Sales Charts: Pro Evo, MIA

Not going to talk about the top titles this week. Instead, I'm going to talk about a series that isn't even in the charts, a series that even 2-3 years ago would have been challenging for top Christmas honours.

I'm talking about Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. There once was a time that Britain's best-selling Christmas games were as predictable as clockwork; there'd be a Call of Duty game, there'd be a Need For Speed game, and there'd be Pro Evolution Soccer.

There's no more telling indication of the slipping quality of Konami's series than a look at the British charts only a few weeks out from Christmas. While FIFA 10 - a game released in September - is still doing well, Pro Evo has failed to even make the top 40.


    Well, no surprises there. The series died immediately after it moved into the 'next (now?) gen' of consoles (PES4 is still my favourite footy game of all time, *kanye* "all time!").

    At least this years version is an improvement on last year - 'tis a shame that it is miles behind, in the dust of FIFA 10.

    Hopefully 'Seabass' and co. at Konami studios pay attention to this kind of data though.

    At least MW2 360 version is above the PS3 version in THIS chart. Perhaps then, there are more PS3 owners with MW2 than 360?

    Assassin's holding strong, nice to see that.

    I swear ODST drops out one week and returns the next. Its like a yo-yo.

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