British Sales Charts: The Mustachioed Interloper

You laughed when Reggie bet the farm that New Super Mario Bros. Wii would outsell Modern Warfare 2. We laughed too. But last weeks British sales charts show he may be onto something.

Because Modern Warfare 2 has already been toppled from its perch, after only two weeks on sale. And it's been toppled by Nintendo's multiplayer platformer, incessant TV ads and family appeal winning out over MW2's formula of guns, multiplayer and rubbish story.


    Modern Warfare 2 suffered from one of the biggest the hype machines ever, if it sold copies, most probably would have been during those two weeks. SMB has more of that ongoing fizzle where all its sales look more spaced out. Remember that hardcore gamer numbers don't exactly stand up to casual gamer numbers, keeping in mind that there's also an age restriction on mw2.

    Maybe it'll pick up over Christmas, but that also applies for SMB Wii.

      Or maybe everyone who wanted intended on buying it, already bought it. Glad I pirated it, possibly one of the worst AAA game I've played in my life.

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