Brutal Afterthoughts With Jack Black

A bit late to the party, this latest installment of Brutal Legends' Brutal Thoughts with Jack Black videos suggests you will excel at multiplayer by being the first to buy the game. Oh, and your mother is not a whore.

Strange that this video should be released after the game has already been out for nearly two months. Stranger still that it's one of the more amusing installments, and might have helped a bit.


    Haha, man that was actually pretty funny.

    Shame about the whole...... nobody playing it online... thing... that makes this sorta sad in a way.

    so 5 massive's but not even 5 players online, i swear i was really psyched for this game, but the single player was short, and the multilayer never connects to a game, kinda makes me sad :(

    Thats because they should have left it as a MP game, they should have left the RTS out, it just did not work.

    i liked it it because it was somthing different and new true not the best game buut its decent enough

    The reason no-one played online was because it sucked. It seemed like the mulitplayer bit was tacked on the end to go with the trend. It should have always been a story driven single player game only.

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