Call Him "Xbox 360 Kid"

The Nintendo 64 Kid has found his modern replacement: the Xbox 360 Kid. But pawing at the box has been replaced with "air running" and some box humping. Squealing, too. Kids, today!

As sister site Gizmodo pointed out, if he's this excited right now, just image him if he gets the Red Ring of Death.

Goodbye N64 Kid, Hello Xbox 360 Kid [Gizmodo]


    I don't know if I was some kind of repressed child, but if you bought me the best thing in the world for Christmas, I wouldn't have danced, squawked and tried to make love to it...

    Still doesn't top the N64 kid though... =(

      PS, someone posted this in the comments, I can vaguely remember seeing it before... I like it a lot better:

      This is the non retarded version =)

    Nothing can beat the N64 kid.

    He clearly watches Pure Pwnage.

    timberlake couldnt dance better

    Don't treat it so rough kid, those things are a touch fragile...

    Man, that kid is not going to have a happy life...
    Also, I can't help but think this is staged, maybe it's because I despise any local acts of emotion, but it just seems like he's screaming over and over for the cameras (Like you would smile and say thank you alot if you got a pair of socks or something) and what about when his Mum asks him to do the dance? I agree though, just can't top the N64 kid

    Aww, poor dog. Having to put up with that stupid kid for the rest of it's life.

    Mr Spoon observes that the way he is humping that box, the kid may be in danger of getting a red ring of death himself...

    Definitely staged in an attempt to become the next N64 kid. It even has the slowed down voice like in the N64 vid.

    Blastoise kid is so much better than either N64 Kid or this new 360 kids.

    That xbox is no longer a virgin after the kid did a quick hump on 0:46.

    Did anyone have a reaction like that to getting cool presents as a kid? I've never screamed because I got something I always wanted.

    And as someone who got multiple inner ear infections through childhood, where you felt like some violently stabbed you in the ear to wake you up in the middle of the night I did scream in pain.

    Infact the most flamboyant victory dance I ever did was on beating a particular game for the first (and only) time in my life I did jump up, point at the screen saying loudly (But not screaming) "Yes, yes, Finally, did you see that I beat it, I won, finally, yes." Or something similar. It was a game I played alot and the final bit of the final stage needed extreme luck or split second reactions and inscruitable timing.

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