Call Of Duty Classic Answered On XBLA This Week

Modern Warfare 2 players growing bored with today's killing technology can get their bloodlust fix in the World War II fashion this week, as Call of Duty: Classic comes to Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday.

European Xbox Community Manager Graeme "AceyBongos" Boyd says that the remake of the original Call of Duty will set Xbox 360 gamers back 1200 Microsoft Points. Interested gamers should first check to see if they purchased the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2, as a download code should have been included in their copy of the deluxe package.

Keep an eye peeled for confirmation on non-European lands so that you too can enjoy a dozen Call of Duty Classic Achievements.


    having bought the prestige edition i have played this. all i can really say is, WOW! IW have come a long way baby. i had never played it on pc before and really didnt know what to expect. at first i was thinking "omg this is s POS" but then had to take a step back and think of just how old it is. its really not too bad. i dont think its worth 1200msp though.


        I think what sharmona is saying, brad, is that you're taking a leisurely piss right on FPS gaming heritage.

    Can't wait for this. Was such a brilliant game when it first came out. I still remember how epic the ending was.

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