Cameron Diaz Was (Almost) In Mortal Kombat

Most of the time, our news is fresh. It has that "new news" smell. But sometimes, our news is old. Like a fine wine. Like this clip from a '90s special on Cameron Diaz with some surprisingly game-related info.

Did you know Diaz had been cast as Sonya in the first Mortal Kombat movie? And only pulled out because she broke her hand having karate lessons? We didn't.

Imagine that... one of the most beautiful and successful actresses of our generation, and she was one broken hand from throwing it all away...

[Ed Boon @ Twitter, thanks Frank!]


    Luckiest. Severe injury. Ever

    Wonder how being in that movie would've destroyed her career, or maybe she could've carried that movie and gotten it some *bonus points* letting it get a decent rating and more than one fan.

      My thoughts exactly. It's like her hand could see into the future and decided to take one for the team.

    Funny little fact, the guy who played Kano in the Movies (Trevor Goddard) was a struggling English actor that only got work when he pretended to be an Australian. He would put on a think Aussie accent and look more “Australian” for his roles. He apparently did such a great job of the semi-Aussie Kano in the movie that the character was later turned into a Australian.

    talk about being lucky.

    I actually enjoyed the movie when it came out... and now that i'm older and wiser i have recently seen it again and thought to myself "man... it owuld be great if i could time travel and punch young me in the stomach" lol

    Though it could have been alot worse.. she could have been in the mario bros movie

    Well a 3rd movie is in the works that apparently brings back most of the original cast, WB actually also got the rights to a 3rd movie that never got made after the crappy performance of the second film. I hope they can get in on some of that WB money and make a good movie, i doubt it will be anything other than a straight to DVD title, or perhaps a small budget theatrical movie. Either way I’ll watch.

    As far as video game to move adaptions go, Mortal Kombat doesn't rate that badly, really. Forget the second one exists though, that movie was a jumbled mess of an awful joke.

    Actually when they were thinking of doing a third movie (is that still happening?) they were looking at it from the perspective "the second movie didn't happen, this is what really happened after the first movie". Hah.

    I say they should have had our Kylie Minogue instead, now she would have really made that role into something special.

    Just my thoughts though.

      I can see Kylie Minogue more as Cammy from Street Fighter. If they ever decide to make a "Street Fighter: Legend of Cammy", they should definitely cast Kylie as the lead.

      Just look at this pic:

      Looks like a Kylie to me. Especially with the beret.

        Or even...


    Moviewise, they should take a page from Xmen Legends: Wolverine and do a movie about Sub-Zero.

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