Can You Solve This Professor Layton And The Demon Flute Puzzle?

Chris Kohler over at Wired's Game Life blog has gotten himself deep into a copy of Professor Layton's next out, Demon Flute, which was released in Japan last week. Here's a tiny taste of the puzzles we can expect.

Kohler's translation of the puzzle reads:

The four photographs below were taken in the same place.

Of the four people in the photos, three of them came as a group, and each had their picture taken one after the other. The one other person came on a different day at a different time.

Pick the three photos that have the people who all came together.

He swears you can solve the riddle just from that screen shot — so go for it!

Other than that tiny tidbit, there's some interesting info about some new features introduced in Layton's fourth outing. For one thing, we get some story insights since this is the first game in what's basically a prequel for the Curious Village-Diabolical Box-Last Time Travel trilogy. (Last Time Travel is coming Stateside eventually, according to developer Level-5 headman, Akihiro Hino.) For another, we get a rundown of three new mini-games: Fish-feeding, Puppet theatre and... a train set?

Sounds pretty cool to me.

What's New In Professor Layton's Fourth Outing [Game Life, Wired]


    i would say it's C as his shadow is more to the left while the others are right behind them

    It's all in the shadows at the people's feet.

    A, B and D are all the same and therefore these 3 came together.

    It's clearly A, someone who looks like that surely wouldn't have a group of friends?? :D

    C looks like the odd one out - the shadow is elongated indicating it was taken at a different time.

    a c and b came together. in b and c there is a dog, and in a there is a bird. all of which means no cats will be about. and in photo d there is a cat, which would chase away birds and be chased away by dogs.

    But then who took the photo for the one and only person? D:

    I would go with A being the odd one out, as the rest have the same cat in them.

    it is c because of the shadow! different time in a day, is a different direction the shadow casts

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