Capcom Announces Mega Man 10

Capcom's decision to revert to the series' roots certainly paid off with Mega Man 9, so it's not terribly surprising to see the publisher stick to the 8-bit style in announcing Mega Man 10.

Coming to the Wii (via WiiWare) next year, Mega Man 10 is, well, another 8-bit Mega Man. Jump, shoot, jump, shoot. It's not going to break much ground with any potential new fans of the series, but we'll excuse that in light of the amazing poster/promo art on display in the latest issue of Nintendo Power.

No word, obviously, on other platforms as of yet, but since Mega Man 9 went multi, you'd assume the same would be the case with Mega Man 10.

[Nintendo Power]


    This is awesome news!! The Blue Bomber returns again :D

    That is one of the most gorgeous pieces of game related promo art I have ever seen. I want, nay, DEMAND a full sized poster be made available.


    ... the PR dept at Capcom read the Kotaku AU comments, right? =P

    So does this mean that Mega Man X doesn't actually mean Mega Man 10. >_> My whole life base has been shattered.

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