Capcom Delays Major Games

Capcom is delaying Lost Planet 2, Super Street Fighter IV, Dead Rising 2 and the North American release of Monster Hunter Tri into a 12-month period starting on April 1, 2010. Updated.

A forecast revisions document reveals that all four titles will be pushed back to the company's 2010 fiscal year (staring in April, ending March 31, 2011) and spread out over all four quarters of the year. The document lists the reasons for the delays as follows:

・Avoid competing with the major titles that other companies plan to introduce in the 4th quarter ・Preserve the value of Capcom's titles and maximize sales volume ・Expand the lineup of titles in the next fiscal year and afterward

No concrete release dates are listed in the document, but tipster Rory says "This corroborates rumours spread about Super Street Fighter 4's new release date of April 1st being confirmed in this week's Famitsu, due out Thursday."

Sound logic, sure. But sound business practice? We'll see.

Thanks for the tip, Rory!


    "All four title sinto 2011"? So, Aus gamers can wait 'til 2012 for SSIV? Or have I (cynically) misread this post?

      The releases of these games and others, including Dead Rising 2, are planned to be "spread across all four quarters" of Capcom's fiscal 2011, which begins April 1, 2010 and ends March 31, 2011.

      Had to dig into joystiq for that one, plus they got sources

    Are we sure it's 2011?

    The next fiscal year in Japan begins on April 1st, 2010 and goes through til March 31st, 2011. So it's not such a massive delay when this is taken into account.

    Personally I think it's a very smart decision on their account, especially when games such as Final Fantasy XIII and God of War 3 are arriving in the first quarter of the calender year for territories outside Japan.

    Wow, i really don't understand why they would be doing this to all four titles. Especially considering how finished all these titles are looking. Although releasing one each quarter seems like a good plan as they won't have internal competition and thats the rate most people buy games anyway.

    It's just confusingly written. They mean the fiscal year ENDING in March 2011. These games will be out much earlier, indeed Super Street Fighter 4 is scheduled to be out April 1st. That's all already cleared up on the US side.

    I hope Dead Rising 2 is released near April or May, I can't wait till 2011. :( The others I don't really care about, but I agree it's a smart move on Capcom's part, even if it means waiting for the games later.

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