Capcom Gives Out 200 E-Tanks To Thirsty VGA Goers

Capcom-Unity trucked down to L.A. for the Spike Video Game Awards and staged a big E-Tank giveaway to pimp Mega Man 10. Check out what the happy campers got!

Well, in addition to the E-Tank energy drink , they also got a sweet t-shirt and commemorative box. Plus they were served buy a guy in a short-order getup, complete with paper hat.

Capcom-Unity says the first fan they served had been waiting in line since 10 a.m. More than 200 boxes were given away. Did any of you get one? What did this stuff taste like? Or did you even drink it?

More pics through the link.

A Little Rain Can't Stop Mega Man! [Capcom-Unity]


    Holy crap!
    Only the cover art Tee doesn't make him look enough like a belligerent midget, like my old nes ones used to.

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