Capcom Still Burning Over Bionic Commando Failure

In a Q&A session held earlier this week, president Haruhiro Tsujimoto became the second high profile Capcom employee this month to get all negative when it comes to the company collaborating with Western studios.

Answering a question on Capcom's "alliances" with overseas developers, Tsujimoto echoes comments made a few weeks back by Resident Evil producer Jun Takeuchi (not to mention reminding us of his own personal scars), by essentially saying that it's hard, hard work joining forces with an international studio.

"Our experience with Bionic Commando has demonstrated the difficulty of outsourcing the development of new title to overseas companies", he said. "Nevertheless, we cannot develop a sufficient number of titles without using the resources of these companies. This is why we plan to continue using these alliances."

"We are considering ways to separate the roles of activities in Japan and overseas. We plan to develop new titles primarily in Japan. Overseas companies may be used mostly to develop titles for existing game series with well-established characters and universal themes. Overseas companies will also handle certain parts and/or lineups of such games."

So the West is a sequel farm for Capcom IP. And just like that, Capcom's decade-long program of reaching out to international developers in order to increase their global market share misses the point entirely.


    Well if Capcom wanted this to be done right why not do it themselves?, GRIN has some good games and bad games under its belt. The problem is that all the good games are team Based FPS games. This concept was just a little too far out of their depth if you ask me. But I guess this title was one they could afford to not oversee themselves, no one really cares if Bionic Commando was any good, If RE5 or SF4 was this bad that would pretty much be the end of Capcom.

    To me this just screams of Hypocrisy, you outsource a games development to another company, if it works then you talk about how great these partnerships are, if it fails like it did you talk about how western companies are to blame. If you want to guarantee a good game do it yourself, if it fails then at least you know who to blame.

      Exactly. Taking credit when it works, and blaming the company if it doesn't, shouldn't be allowed in my opinion. You're right when you say they should do it themselves if they want it done right. Capcom have proved they can make awesome games (to use your examples, RE5 and SFIV), yet they pull stunts like this which just makes me frown and wonder their reasoning.

      It's like hiring unlicensed contractors and shady guys: sure, the job might get done, and done well, but taking a chance and them blaming your choice does indeed scream hypocrisy.

        What sort of arse backward reasoning is this? Yes the outsourced development company should take the blame. All Capcom are saying is that it is difficult to convey the ideas and ethos from their Japanese studio to overseas western studios which is fair enough. If those studios accept a project and then screw the pooch on it then the heat comes back on Capcom so they have every right to be pissed off and realign their outsourcing strategy accordingly.

          I agree completely. Capcom's not getting the violin out on this one, they're simply saying that it's hard to get a great product out of a partnership like this, and I'd agree with them.

          Capcom hired game developers to develop a game for them. It's reasonable to expect that if you're getting a job from Capcom, they expect the game to be good, and they're placing faith in you. If it doesn't turn out as they expected, they have every right to pull you up on it.

          It's not like they hired unlicensed contractors to make a game - these aren't uni students. I don't really think your analogy is apt Joshua - it might be different if they weren't talented.

    ...still, crying over spilled milk? For fark sakes!!

    The game was good enough in my books, people just moaned about how it wasn't open world when it never was.

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