Castlevania Soundtrack Whips In At 19 Discs

It's too late for Christmas 2009, but that special Castlevania fan in your life may appreciate it for Christmas 2010. "It" being a Castlevania series soundtrack collection coming in at a crazy 19 discs.

Going on sale next March, the box set will retail for ¥21,000. Which in US dollars is $232. That's a lot, but then, remember, it's on 19 discs. Break that up and it's a steal, at $US12.20 a disc!

Sadly, there's no pics of the sure-to-be-amazing box the collection will come on, but we do know that some of the soundtracks featured include the MSX2 version of the original Castlevania, Castlevania Legends, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia and the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night.

There are 18 discs worth of soundtrack, the 19th disc being a DVD containing interviews and some behind-the-scenes footage of the music being recorded. 悪魔城ドラキュラ Best Music Collection BOX [Amazon, via Original Sound Version]



    oh my

    19 disks, I think it's about time they started using DVD's. 19 audio CD's are fairly useless to have, and you could burn an audio disk from one of the DVD if you had to...

    In case you where wondering that is approximately 1,260 minutes of Castlevania vibrations!

    Nyeh, I dunno. A DVD or a blu-ray may have been better choice. Also, I may sound stupid, but I never got into any Castlevania, or soundtracks. The former just wasn't my thing, and the latter... I just don't see the point. Why listen to music that is meant to go along with visuals, without said visuals?

    I may just be pessimistic, so please (and this isn't sarcastic) tell me why one would purchase such intentionally indescript music, and when would one listen to it?

    Personally, I'd rather spend that much money on games, or some music that is whole in it's own right.

      Have you never played a Castlevania game? That game's music is better than most of the music in the top 100.

      Well, from what you say, this box set isn't targeted at you in any way at all.
      It makes great background music, and it's further enhanced by memories if you've played the games.
      No one is telling you to buy it, and there will be fans of Castlevania or soundtracks that would get this regardless.

    Yeah, I think most audio CD's should be converted to DVD at least, because it can hold tons more than audio CD's.

    Blu-ray will be even better once they become more mainstream than they are now, in a few years I think that most discs will definitely become Blu-ray.

    I think that these days, music CDs aren't essential.

    All of that, including the special features, would fit on 4 DVDs. And since nobody - NOBODY listens to music off the CD anymore, but instead rips the music onto a PC then puts it onto an iPod or some other, marketing-decrepit music player, why not keep the packaging and manufacturing size down and chuck this stuff onto a DVD?

    That was a very long sentence.

      I listen to "music off the cd" in my car, as I'm sure many others do. It's not always worth it to hook up your mp3 player for a short 10-minute drive.

    How many copies are they going to produce? I don't know many people who'll but a 19 disk soundtrack set.

    NEED !

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