CES 2010: A Special Programming Note

You may think that we've entered the annual Slow News Day season, but you'd be wrong. Because next week, CES 2010 convenes in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada and Kotaku will be there, pounding the carpet and gawking at fancy electronics.

And expect double the coverage next year, as we'll be double teaming the CES show floor, providing double the coverage and triple the excitement. (Excitement not guaranteed.)

Who else will be there? Folks like Microsoft, Sony, Capcom, Intel, Mad Catz, Razer, Logitech and many more fine makers of electronic things that you've likely never heard of! It promises to be thrilling, weird, packed with conventioneers and feature the occasional liveblog and odd porn star run-in.

CES Fever! Catch it!


    Dave, are you going? (from Kotaku AU) If so, have fun and I look forward toward your return.

    Wow, that's crept up quickly. Felt like only a couple of months ago that CES was last on.
    I always enjoy reading and/or watching coverage from CES - particularly the little inventions that nobody thought of. There's so much going on in the powersaving industry in particular.

    Of course, I'll be waiting to see who's got a 200" LED TV as well, but the little devices are pretty cool too.

    I'm just gonna leave this one right here...

    "...and Kotaku will be there, pounding the carpet..."


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