Christmas Was Very Good To Forza 3

Forza Motorsport 3 was on quite a few Christmas lists this year it seems, with developer Turn 10 reporting a massive influx of new players over the holiday weekend.

As far as gifting video games goes, racing games are easy. You generally know if your loved one is a racing fan, and if they owned an Xbox 360 and hadn't picked up a game in the past few months, then the gift for them was pretty obvious - Forza Motorsport 3. Turn 10 took a moment during its holiday weekend to let fans know via Twitter just how much fresh meat was being introduced to the popular racing title.

Merry Christmas Forza faithfuls! We saw a huge jump in users this week and over the past day or so, we added approx 1 new user per second!

One user per second? That's like 60 users per minute, or 360 users an hour. If they kept up that pace for an entire year, that would be 3,153,600 users in a year!

Of course they won't keep up that pace. I was just having fun with Windows calculator. I've been on vacation far too long.


    Wow! 1 new user per second, that's pretty damn good.

    It is a great game. Having trouble with that damned 100,000 point drift achievement. I'll get it one day. Practice, practice, practice.

      Try Fujimi Kaido Reverse, probably a hot lap, and rewind every time you hit a wall or otherwise get less points for a corner than you want.

      I rented it and for a racing game (which admittedly I don't care for) it was amazing. The tracks were crisp and clean, the cars were displayed beautifully, I thought the menus were a bit cluttered but otherwise it was an amazing game. I was considering purchasing this, but I fear I'd get bored of it and not play it again. Still, thumbs up to Turn 10 for a game that has the potential to dethrone GT5.

      I'm still not buying it as I'm cranky about the removal of link-play.
      No LAN = no purchase.

    Thanks for the tip Jake. I was trying it on Nurburgring and I was getting really close, about 95,000 but couldn't crack the 100. It was very frustrating

    I've only got about 8 achievements to go (most of them career ones) and I've got the full 1000G

    Anyone know if this is going for cheap somehwere? I want a copy just to race the Challenger. God I love that car.

    Too bad they aren't bothering to fix (or even acknowledge) the horrible graphical issues in the game that have been reported to them since day 1. Cars with bugged mirrors in cockpit view, almost all racing cars having non-functioning instruments (screwing over the hardcore who play HUD-off), bugged car exteriors that have car parts sticking through body kits/show the wrong paint when you paint it etc...

    I went to my friends house to play this: Jeebs it is a blast. In all honesty Ive always been a Ninty type a guy, but this game ranks 4th within my top 5 racers, behind Wip3out, Mario Kart DS and F-Zero Climax.

    On what planet is there 360 seconds in an hour!?

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