Classic Arcade Posters For The Proletariat

As we've covered, the Soviet Union didn't just have big tanks and long lines for potatoes. It also had video games. But those games didn't just sell themselves! Like everything else, they needed to be advertised.

In addition to actual arcade cabinets, the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines also plays home to a collection of classic posters, for games with such amazing names as Tankodrome and Well, Just You Wait!

These posters are just a sample; you can see the full collection below.

Soviet Video Game Posters [TMSAM, via GameSetWatch]


    Ok, I can tell what most of these games are, and most of them are kind of surprisingly cool in a vintage kind of way. However, I am at a complete loss as to what the third one is. Is it supposed to be a paddle boat racing game? A dating sim? Is he a secret agent trying to seduce the enemy? (she looks like she could be calling for help!)

    If anyone has any ideas for what this game could be other than a creepy looking guy kidnapping a woman on a paddleboat, I'd be interested to hear them!

    In Soviet Russia, video game plays YOU!

    *waits for the other 300 identical comments to come through*

    Momosoohku? That was my favourite!

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