Clear The Way For New Trauma Team Screens

Atlus brings more medical action drama to the Wii in the incredibly crowded window of spring 2010, administering a baker's dozen sized dose of new Trauma Team screens well in advance. These are those screens!

They highlight the six specialties featured in Trauma Team - surgery, diagnostics, forensics, first response, endoscopy and orthopedics - and may aid in the game purchasing triage that will face many of us in the coming quarters.

Those suffering from extreme queasiness shouldn't proceed. They're all full of guts and stuff!


    Even though I've only played the first Trauma Center game on the Nintendo DS, that game was still a joyride of cutting people to pieces.

    Hopefully the concept will hold up for a few more games. Atlus does a great job on this genre.

    ... Oh god yes.

    I've always love the Trauma Series on the DS. I would definitely get a Wii for this.

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