Closer Look At Final Fantasy XIII PS3


    i want one

    Why must you tease me so kotaku?

    This is sad. Why'd they have to go with pink and it looks rushed...

      Pink, my friend, is the color of men. It was originally designed for men's fashion cothing.

      Men in pink attire look very refined, indeed, I'll have you know. Pink ties, pink shoes, pink shirts. Just depends on how it's dressed and on one's tastes, really.

      I think the pink brings out the subtleties of the white, which stands for purity. So the two go hand in hand in this package. As far as the demographic it is intended for - Japan - it will sell like hot cakes!

      Too bad the PS3 controller is an arthritis's nightmare device though, and in its dog ugly.

        Controller has been the controller since the dawn of playstation, where have you been over this past decade.

          Ah, of course I know that, it's obvious enough. What I meant was its not as ergonomic as the first unveiling of the PS3 batarang, which caused an uproar and had Sony going back to the drawingboard, or rather, reverting back to the original PSX/PS2 design with the numeral 3 thrown in there.

          Alas, I'd much prefer that batarang than the Dual Shock 3 controller.

        I'm just going to agree with you.

    Any news of a similar bundle for when this releases in Australia? I'm guessing we won't be lucky enough to get the Final Fantasy XIII branded console, but one can only hope....however i assume we will get a bundle of some sort.

      they should really start making these stuff for the market outside japan. I know about 15 people who would buy it in a heartbeat!

    my god , really nice , can i get it in Syd

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