Colorado's Gaming Graffiti Wall


    I love the expression on Mario’s face, it looks like he’s looking up that this weird thing above him like its some weird apocalyptic cloud ready to consume everyone and turn them into zombies that disappear after a few seconds.

    this is great, I see diddy kong!!!

    The Moogle and Castle Crashers turn this from cool into win. Pretty awesome stuff. If only people around my place wanted to do that instead of tagging on new fences and signs :(

    I also wish there are more creative folks willing do this around my place. There's an alley near my school that has an awesome wall featuring Alien playing Guitar Hero. Stuff like that's definitely art. Vault Boy even gives this his trademark thumbs up.

    As do I. +1

    Not to burst anyones false idols, but the graffiti is pretty average. If it didnt have megaman i wouldnt be looking at it

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