Comiket's Sexy Pikachu Girl And Friends

It's late December, which means one thing. No, it actually means several things - one of which is that it is Comic Market time in Japan.

Cosplayers came out in droves, and Kotaku Japan has galleries up: here and here. And reader tsukasa1288 sent along photos that document some of this year's Comic Market cosplay.

Yes, Japan has Ronald McDonald, but in Japan, he's known as Donald McDonald. He doesn't usually hump people!

And those girls in skimpy duds? It's December. They must be cold.


    Fantastic Touhou cosplay right down the bottom there. Looks like there's another thing to add to the list:

    Stuff to take when moving to Japan:

    -Sunglasses for all the bright lights
    -Sailor Moon costume

    Clearly the Japanese concept of "sexy" is very different to the Australian one.

    Good to see a refreshing old character like Griffith in there, Berserk ftw.

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