Command & Conquer 4 Trailer All About... Harvesting Tiberium

"Our community loves harvesting Tiberium," enthuses C&C4 producer Raj Joshi in this five-minute long gameplay demonstration. Do you, community? Really?


    Oh I SURE DO! I was sayin to my pa this mornin just as we drove our Tiberium harvester to work 'I sure do love harvestin this lethal green gassy rock pa!'

    how dare they focus on action! I WANT MY GOD DAMN TIBERIUM HARVESTING!!!!

      yeah it was watching in grow slowly become bigger and Bigger adn then shinking as you Harvest it oh and then there was the Vern Holes in C&C2 so much fun

      i dont know about this new concept for it when i think of C&C I thinK Fields Tiberium to Harvest and Navigate around not Floating Crystal's that Launch in from space the Chaos and unpredictability was what i liked about it without that i dont know well see how it works out it might be be good
      but green glowing Tiberium is what made me love the game in the 1st place the toxic chaos of it

    Sexy stuff

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