Command & Conquer Doing Something Sketchy In 2010

With Command & Conquer 4 ready for release in March, EA is prepared to take the C&C universe to an entirely new medium. What do these teaser images say about this new frontier?

These images appeared on the Command & Conquer 4 website as a bonus to newsletter subscribers, teasing a new medium for the beloved real-time strategy franchise. Joystiq seems to think the images could be indicative of a comic book, and EA has been loving on the video game comic book business lately, but I agree with Joy that it could be too obvious. Perhaps an animated cartoon of some sort, with these images serving as storyboards? A really difficult colouring book? Decorator napkins?

See, this is where you guys should take over the speculation. It's not my strong suit.

Newsletter Subscribers Exclusive Sneak Peek [Command & Conquer via Blue's News]


    Humans VS Scrin is just asking to be turned into a graphic novel, and I’d buy it.

    MMO - It's where the money is.

    I didn't know Frank Miller was working for EA..

    I am thinking that maybe they intend to give us an addon to Red Alert 3 that will introduce us to the new ideas and concepts of our next C&C game.
    I am looking at the Picture thinking the view aspect is similar to C&C Renegade here.

    Hmm...interesting. Maybe they'll announce that no LAN play will be available? Or that the online play will ONLY be available through C&CNET?

    Nah, they'll delay it, then when next asked when it'll come out, they'll say "when its ready".

    I have been hesitant about the upcoming departure from the norm... and this doesn't help. C&C3 was fun, but it really wasn't as good as the earlier C&C games or th awesome Red Alert 3. Now this...

    Anyway, if this change is exclusive to the Tiberium Universe, that'd be okay, I guess. If this ruins Red Alert 4, though.. .

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