Conan O'Brien Now Picking On 60-Metascore Games

Conan O'Brien's really on the video game humour bandwagon - especially if he's going after disappointing film adaptations and skewering pompous trailer motifs. If the point here is "Avatar: Prepare to be Underwhelmed," we had that covered long ago.

Then again, some Rock-em-Sock-em Robots stumbling all over each other might be more enjoyable than this game, which had had a rough first week's reception, and these things rarely get any better. Video Game Letdown [The Tonight Show, thanks Edward M.]


    The game they used in the video there is Sumotori dreams, which is actually a technical marvel from a coding competition where games had to come in under 96kb.

    You can grab the game here, it's actually quite fun

    Ha... thats funny. the thing he did when GTA IV came out was funny too

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