Couple Chucks Cable Box, Settles For PC And Xbox

The most popular story on the New York Times website chronicles the tale of a couple doing something I don't think I could do.

This is one brave couple that you can read about on the Times. They have cancelled their pay TV service. They have decided that they will still watch TV, still watch movies, but they will not give a dime to the pay TV company. The author argues that his Netflix-armed Xbox 360,, iTunes and a variety of other services:

We still come home from work and watch any number of shows, just like the people who continue to pay for cable. We just do it a little differently, starting the computer and then using services like Hulu, Boxee, iTunes and Joost. Another interesting twist to this experience is that we're no longer limited to consuming traditional programming. With these applications we can spend an entire evening flicking through videos from YouTube, CollegeHumor or Web-only programs.

...Explanations follow of each of the above services, and then...

While Microsoft's Xbox 360 (starting at $US200), is not absolutely necessary for this setup, it delivers an array of lively entertainment options. I can, of course, play video games, but I can also rent movies (through the Xbox marketplace or through Netflix's online viewing service), and browse Twitter and Facebook, with a new feature that lets you watch a streaming interface of your social networks flow across the screen.

Me? I'd miss boxing and RealSports on HBO and "accidentally" stumbling onto Monday Night Raw every sixth Monday night. Plus, I want to watch Lost live, when it's in season. Could anyone out there do this? Actually, are any of the Kotaku faithful already doing this?

Cable Freedom Is a Click Away [The New York Times]


    I can proudly say that my 40" sony has NEVER displayed a broadcast television show. My family gets news via the web, and we watch our faviourite shows on DVD. The main motivation behind this? Brain dead news presenters and saturation advertising.

    No unlimited broadband means I can't watch shows online. Simple as that, I am forced to have crappy TV. Protip: Pay TV here is even worse than our internet.

    Been doing this for years. I download all the TV I want to watch, and burn it onto a disc to play on my PS3/ Sony Bravia HDTV.

      Dude... seriously... get onto the media server thing. its so much better. its already all on my ps3 by wireless modem, no need to burn or usb stuff. Its SO much easier. I could never go back.

      I do the same. Burning means you can organize your data. There are benefits to both burning, and media server. The PS3 makes it so easy, you can put any type of disc in it.
      However if I like a show I'll still go out and buy the DVD\Bluray Gotta support what's good.

    I am thinking of doing this also, using the Optus TV bill towards more Internet capacity, and simply downloading all the shows we want to watch.

    I rarely flick through the TV channels anymore, and actually find it impossible to schedule myself to watch a weekly broadcast show.

    I never watch broadcast TV either. Im either gaming or Im watching bought or *ahem* streamed series/shows through my PS3. ABC iview on ps3 helps alot too especially for good game and docs.

    TV is for 2 things: cricket and ignoring. I turn the TV on maybe once every couple of months on average. There just doesn't seem to be anything targeted to my demographic. ie I'm not old, mentally deficient or easily amused by ridiculously obvious jokes about sex (yes, 2.5 Men, I'm looking at you)

      Sums me up too.
      I just removed the TV tuner from my HTPC. It's going into the study PC instead.. If I need to watch TV live.. I can stream it from my study via xbox 360 and Windows Media Center.
      That wont happen until footy season next year though!

    My TV is plugged into my computer's second monitor port, so I happily watch plenty of TV shows... about half a day after it has screened in the USA. SGU! Modern Family! So much quality television out there...

    Hah, it's funny that Totilo doesn't think he could live without cable, don't they have free-to-air? Such a different culture in Australia - although I'm sure Foxtel would like to see this shift, their advertising is relentless. My girlfriend thinks we should get pay tv, we download and watch programs months before they're screened, movies while they're still in the cinema or blu-ray on release - I say pay-tv would be pointless.
    Quite happy downloading most things, watching it without ads, pausing when I want etc. If free to air is watched, it's via PlayTV where I can pause, skip ads and watch recorded programs in my own time. If I miss something on ABC there's iView. I'm on 110gb per month (60gb/50gb), that's 2gb on peak every day, so there's never a shortage of media.

    i ditched my pay tv nearly a year ago for just this reason. although i use different means to download my tv shows etc. i think my case is pretty much the same. i reckon au pay tv subscribers will all follow suit soon enough with the quality or lack of!

    I'm more questioning that fact that this dude still watches Lost. They could easily RE-BUILD the raft and do it all over again. This time they won't get stopped by the so-called Others cause they got the boy the first time.

    Problem solved.

      You watched Lost all the way up to there?

      haha, props to you for sticking it out for so long.

      I gave up in season 1, when there was this one entire episode dedicated to the fat dude having a cry over taking care of supplies and wanted to burn everything.

      They suddenly just don't seem very lost at all...

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