Crackdown 2 Blows Up First Half Of 2010

You're already likely well aware that 2010 should be a better year for Xbox 360 games and exclusives, but did you know that one of those, Crackdown 2, may be coming sooner than you had expected?

On the most recent episode of Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb's podcast, Microsoft man Aaron Greenberg listed the Ruffian Games-developed open world action game as a first-half of 2010 release. That's alongside games like Splinter Cell: Conviction, Alan Wake and Mass Effect 2, a handful of exclusives that will populate an already pretty crowded first two quarters next year.

Show #344: VGA's, GH Van Halen, Borderlands and Splinter Cell Conviction [Major Nelson]


    I have to say I enjoyed Crackdown a bit, but it did get pretty boring after a while - not really much to keep me excited about playing the game.

      I have to agree there but I said the exact same thing about Assassins Creed. Im hoping they pull an Assassins Creed 2 with this, i.e. fix EVERYTHING wrong with part 1 and perfect it with part 2. Assassins Creed 2 basically being exactly what part 1 should've been and then some... it was essentially the perfect sequel. Hopefully Crackdown 2 will be as well. I'm just still not sold on the whole 'zombie' angle, but I guess we'll see when I start playing it.

        I don't know... I don't think Crackdown had the sort of flaws that could be fixed. In the end, they were fundamental to the design of the game, ie a super-powered GTA. Hence te zombies; I think they figured that if you couldn't patch up the original, add to it.

          I guess multiplayer is the way to go with this game. I mean, you could imagine the kickass deathmatches you could have with this right? Think of the great times with gta4's death matches and then crank that up to 11 lol.

          But seriously on the single player side of things it's gonna be very hard to balance it out compared to assassins creed. AC1 was a case of designing half a game and then releasing it. Crackdown just felt like an unfinished idea? Like, an idea without substance. A cool idea, but no REAL implementation...

    I thought crackdown was pretty cool. I loved being able to jump around like a maniac and rain firey death on my enemies. If the enemies are zombies, well hell! that's even more awesome.
    Just hope the levelling up isn't based on finding orbs. EXP from killing dudes, that's fine. Just don't hide my jumpy orbs.

    I didn't play Crackdown 1, but my friends told me it's a pretty good game. I'm looking forward to this, but I'll probably rent it before I buy it, just to check it out.

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