Create Your Army Of Two: The 40th Day Mask Online Right Now

Why wait until the 12th to design your mask and armour for Army of Two: The 40th Day, when you can create them right now via EA's online Army of Two mask and armour creator?

Salem and Rios don't go anywhere without their masks, so they need top-quality designs in order to make sure the other mercenaries don't giggle at them behind their backs. That's where you come in. Using the simple armour and mask creator found at Army of Two dot com, you can have your designs ready for launch day. Upload graphics, rotate images and make Rios look like a pig. It's your call.

Just be sure to share your creations with the class when you're done.


    Penis mask in 3......2......1......

    Wish more game companies would do something like this. Oh well.

    ..Just made a Goatse face!!
    Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of men like that thing does!!

    Clockwork orange mask is a good 1

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