Credit Card Fraudsters Love Their Video Games

Credit card fraud prevention experts Retail Decisions have detailed the four most fraud prone products on the internet this holiday season, and wouldn't you know it, three of them are video game related.

Virtual shoppers spent a great deal of money online between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but according to Retail Decisions, people perpetrating credit card fraud spent more. 23% more to be specific, spending an average of $US248 per transaction across the two busiest holiday shopping days so far this year. The average actually makes sense, once you realise what they are spending other people's money on.

The top for fraud prone products are:

1) Virtual gift cards and gift cards 2) Xbox 360 3) Nintendo Wii 4) The "Call of Duty" Xbox game

We're going to assume that by Call of Duty then mean Modern Warfare 2, unless the credit cards are a few years old. No, that didn't make sense. The items do, however. Especially number one, which can then be used to buy numbers 2 through 3 with an added layer of anonymity.

Having spent the better part of last month struggling with my own credit card fraud woes, I can't stress how important it is to not let other people have my credit card numbers. You can do whatever you;d like with your own, just leave me mine.


    "number one, which can then be used to buy numbers 2 through 3 with an added layer of anonymity."

    although thieves might think theyre anonymous using a gift card that is far from true. i used to work in loss prevention for one of australias major retailers and i can tell you, every purchase is traceable. i once had this very situation. i was able to show the credit card used to buy the gift card and then i was also able to show what was bought with that gift card, at what checkout and with the help of the surveillance cameras i was able to get a still image of the offender using the gift card plus an image of him buying the gift card and also an image of their license plate as they got into their car. all this is done with minimal effort these days. after receiving the call from police it took me half an hour to gather all the evidence they needed. it sure aint like when i was a kid. back then you only had to worry about store detectives on the shop floor following you around as you eat chocolate without paying :)

      Hes right... Depending on the retailer... they can tell you at which store the card was brought, what card, whats been spent and where and how mcuh is left as well as cancel them and give the cash operator a nice message saying "Stolen Card" just to point you out.

    Would help if M$ let you remove your card details from your xbox - we were robbed two weeks ago, but lucky for me they missed the xbox!!

      Wonder if that is in compliance with their merchant agreement's security responsibilities?

    Not surprised. I've been contacted a couple of times by my credit card company after making a several purchases on steam within a short period of time (for myself, and gifts to rest of family's accounts).

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