Creepy Bunnies And Bottles Of Booze In Last Window Screens


    I honestly thought that Hotel Dusk was pretty boring. Can't speak for everyone though, can I?

    Ah awesome!
    I quite enjoyed Hotel Dusk! A bit slow in parts, but for the most part very enjoyable departure from the usual DS games out there. I didn't know a sequel was in the works - I will have to keep an eye out for it

    I thought Hotel Dusk was AMAZING. It was a return to form for point-and-click adventures, especially borrowing from old school titles such as Myst and Riven, utilizing the DS to it's fullest. I loved the visuals and the story was fantastic, really looking forward to this

    By the sounds of things, I'm alone in saying that Hotel Dusk is one of my favourite DS games of all time. I found it dark, yet touching, and this news of a sequel fills me with anticipation.

    I can't wait!

    Stil haven't played hotel dusk yet.. i'm normally skeptical about these sorts of things, but i may have to give it a whirl now... FOR THE BETTER OF MY EDUCATION -heroic background music-

    Looking forward to laughing at and with Kyle again. His personality kept the dull surroundings of the first game from being a reason to quit. Hope we get some varying locales in the sequel.

    Hotel Dusk has one of the best written stories i have ever come across, simply amazing.

    I just creamed my pants when i heard this i love hotel dusk so much

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