Cryptic Gives Us 10 Reasons Star Trek Fans Want Star Trek Online

Cryptic Studios sent us a list of 10 reasons why true Trekkies* will love their upcoming massively multiplayer online game, Star Trek Online. Rather than just tell you what those reasons are, we'll let you guess using these screen shots.

*Trekkies are true Star Trek fans, for all you readers unfamiliar with Sci-Fi**. **Sci-Fi is science fiction for all you readers not familiar with science fiction. Don't ever call it SyFy to my face unless you want a dirty look.


    I assume the Klingon in the last picture is mean to be Emperor Martok... going from the eye patch at least.

    TRIBBLES! <3

    So... where are the 10 reasons? Or are they the screenshots?

    If so, they're VERY dissapointing and do not compel me in the slightest to buy this game.

      If your a fan of the show youll recognise some of the people and places.

      Really looks good with all that lore.

    1) Trekkies love grainy last gen graphics?

    Anti aliasing is for the weak!

    I'm not enough of a star trek uberfan to get all of these but I think they're intended to be locations in-game that fans would recognise.

    The few that I think I can spot:
    1. The Collector's Array from Ep1 of VOY
    6. The time travel portal from City on the Edge of Forever
    7. Tribbles!
    9. Risa, the pleasure planet!

      1. The CARETAKER’s Array from Ep1 of VOY
      2. Quarks
      3. Bridge of Enterprise B (Excelsior Class)
      4. High Council Chambers, Qo'nos (klingon homeworld)
      5. Vulcan - Ponn Farr ritual combat place
      6. The time travel portal from City on the Edge of Forever - yep
      7. Tribbles! -yay!
      8. Original Series Klingons
      9. Risa, the pleasure planet! -mmm hmm
      10. General Chang (Gorkon's chief advisor) from Undiscovered Country (tried to sabotage the Khitomer accord)

        Actaully, no.1 looks more like the starbase used by the daystrom institute and has the Enterprise A in the pic

        Correction: No.1 is Deep Space Outpost K2 on the klingon-federation border - from the tribble episode

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