Crytek Games That Never Were, Have Yet To Be

Maciej Kuciara, Art Director/Concept Artist at Crytek, posted these spiffy pics to forums and we're re-posting some of them here because they smack of Frank Frazetta... and awesomeness!

Find the rest here. And for the record, no, these aren't Crysis concept art sketches. I think the ninja chick should've tipped you off if nothing else.

But still, I bet there could be a "cry" in the title of all of these would-be games. Can you name them all?

Incredible Concept Art from Art Director Maciej Kuciara [inCrysis]


    Hmmm...Cat's CRY, CRYpt of the Emperor, CRY Spy, CRYing Assassin & Battle CRY

      Bahahaha, i love it

    Concept art looks like it's all from three different games: One crime game, in the third picture here, and two fantasy games, one western, one eastern.
    They all look pretty awesome, really. Kinda wish they'd make those over their current shooters.

    All i can say is Crytek kicks ass.

    Devil's Decryption: The Apocrypha.

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