"Cultural Differences" Mean Capcom Developer And West Can't Collaborate

Capcom have been big on Western collaborations lately. Two Bionic Commando games, Dark Void, Dead Rising 2, all have been handled by Western teams. But not everybody at Capcom's Japanese HQ is as keen as management to "go west".

In an internal interview for Capcom's investor relations site, Jun Takeuchi - of Lost Planet and Resident Evil 5 fame - has gone all stick-in-the-mud.

"The core elements of [Lost Planet 2]were developed in Japan, while the music and some of the language details were handled overseas", he said. "Cultural differences don't allow for the smooth collaboration between Japan and developers overseas."

Well, they won't with an attitude like that!

Jun Takeuchi [Capcom][image]


    Cultural differences... but I'd think that western game development, what with the "whip them until they're dead and whip them some more to make them work' attitude, would make the Japanese feel right at home!

      I think it's a respect thing. Japanese companies have VERY strict heirarchies. It's almost mentor/disciple in the way it works. That means the "disciple" keeps his mouth shut and simply does whatever the "mentor" tells him to do. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work with the way most western companies work where everybody gets a say and people are free to speak out if they think something needs to be said.

        What like Jun Takeuchi is doing here? Seems he's not quite fulfilling his disciple role so well.

    well the japaneese market will soon no longer be able to support capcom on its own so if capcom as a company are to survive its theyre gonna jhave to grow a pair and deal with it

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