Dante's Inferno ESRB Description Sounds Pretty Tame, Boss Penis Physics And All

For a game that features a boss ejecting demonic babies from her nipples and "giant, metal penises" as columns, Visceral Games upcoming Dante's Inferno sounds somehow more tame when the ESRB describes it. Even considering questionable body part physics.

For a game that seems designed to court controversy, the inclusion of "unblessed infants" as something to kill sounds a lot more reasonable when described in such a sterile fashion. "These 'unbaptised' demons resemble babies only in size," says the ESRB's warning about potentially offensive comment, "as they tend to hack, slash, scream and impale/get impaled as often as taller demons."

See? Nothing to be concerned about, especially when factoring in the rest of the violent content and... tongue-evisceration? Yep. Tongue-evisceration.

"Blood often splatters out of monsters' bodies when attacked; weakened monsters can be finished off with a set of commands leading to tongue-evisceration, but more often, some version of dismemberment," notes the rating. These things are so informative.

The rating touches on the game's sexual content - like Cleopatra's bared, bruise-coloured breasts - and the "shade minions," which have "tentacles protrud[ing]from their stomachs, their lower regions." By that, I assume they mean their feet.

But news to me at least was the shaft-swinging accuracy in Dante's Inferno. Apparently, one "bluish devil/demon in boss-battle mode" has it's business out and "there are equivalent physics applied to female/male body parts." How far we've come from physics-free phallus!

Dante's Inferno [ESRB]



    More blood.

    God of War impulses returning slowly.

    I have a feeling that the Australian Classification Board won't be so easy on it, but fingers crossed this one gets through!

      it already passed...

      Classification : MA 15+
      Consumer Advice : Strong violence and nudity
      Version : ORIGINAL


        Perhaps it is, but don't underestimate the power of a single concerned-but-ignorant parent seeing their kid playing the game and organising a subsequent 'appeal'. We could very well see the game taken off our stores faster than my arousal at seeing realistic giant demonic nipples.

      Honestly i doubt our classification board will let it through.

      The violence in this game actually doesn't cross any lines (I was actually surprised at how un-gory the demo was). But unfortunately our classification system will probably come down on this game like a ton of bricks in relation to the lust levels and the baby killing.

      Either way Michael Atkinson will use this game as fuel for his arguements. The stuff in this game is very easy to take out fo context. I'm sure he will get a lot of people coming to his point of view just by saying that "Several parts of this game contain Penis shaped walls and monsters made of horrific perverted sex fantasies"

        Atkinson can use it and I hope to god he does. Why? Because it will only go to strengthen the argument that we SHOULD have an R Rating. The more games Atkinson says are getting through, the more holes appear in his argument...

    God Of War III will be huge, "Epic" if you will... and it will be the same God Of War we have come to love, we shall sing it's praises throughout the year.

    This game however, crept up on me and while it's a God Of War clone, there is something about Dante's Inferno that makes it seem fresh.

    Perhaps it's simply because it's a new story and not the conclusion of the God Of War series.

    It's just with the trickle of info that keeps coming out, it's fast becoming the title which you have to see for yourself.

    Makes you wonder, who was the person to suggest they NEEDED penis physics and who got the awkward task of design and implimenting it...

      This just prompted a weird train of thought for me...

      To create accurate “life like” physics I assume the person would be undertaking some in depth study of said physics in real life. Right???

      Soooo... it would be a fair statement to say this involved hours of studying the natural sway and bounce of some dudes junk? Right???

      Soooo... who exactly goes out and gets a job as a “male junk physics” model???

        maybe they stuck one of those mo-cap doohickeys on someones wang and made him shake it like a polaroid picture?

        lol... either 2 things happened then...

        1) Mo-Cap Director : Right, we are doing something alittle different, this time the suit is the same, but the crotch has been cut out...

        Mo-Cap Actor : No problems, wait what?

        Mo-Cap Director : Brilliant, you suit up and we'll see you on set...

        Mo-Cap Actor : (covering privates) Ummm... not sure about this, why is the crotch cut out?

        Mo-Cap Director : Penis Physics, don't worry, now Steve is just going to attach some of the silver balls to your junk, so spread them son!

        No-Cap Actor : Penis Phy... Ouch!!! Careful!!!

        Steve : Sorry...

        or more realistically...

        2) perhaps it gave the designer (assuming male) a legitimate excuse to play with themselves... work out the physics and double the proportion... :D

        You know, if they tag a 'for scientific purposes' in front of the research paper the subject can get quite a lot of compensation for it since it might involve 'medical risk'. Imagine swinging your wally around all day to be recorded and getting paid for it!

        Oh wait...

    i certainly cannot wait to play... but if michael atkinson decides that its too much then well we're f**ked to play another nerfed version thanks to one homo

    There is nothing about this description that makes me want to play the game. More because I could never explain it to my wife than anything else though! She already is not that hot on my gaming...

    i volunteered to do the motion tracking for the penis physics... apparently i'm 'ill equipped for such a task'.

    i think it's because i didn't finish year 12...

    I downloaded the demo today off the US PSN store. It's a great demo and definitely worth checking out. And yes it's pretty much a GoW rip off (gameplay wise), but is that a bad thing? No. Just think of it as two God of Wars being released next year. :]

    I'm going to be interested to see what the OFLC has to say about this. No doubt it's going to add more fuel to the argument over an R+18 rating. I'm not hopeful, considering AVP got through only on appeal. I think we'll be seeing more on this issue.

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