Dante's Inferno Executive Producer Sees Problems With Sequel

Speaking to G4's Patrick Klepek, Dante's Inferno Executive Producer Jonathan Knight said he hopes he earns "the right" to do a Dante sequel - but that The Divine Comedy would make that a problem for the development team.

Here's the rehash Klepek provides:

I posed the question of a sequel to executive producer Jonathan Knight at a recent hands-on demo in Los Angeles, just days before the playable demo goes online. He didn't shy away from acknowledging the challenge in producing another one. For example: there's no second descent into Hell. Dante's Inferno is based on The Divine Comedy's first act, Inferno, but the other stories, Purgatorio and Paradiso, seem unlikely candidates for a game.

"That is a problem I hope to have to solve by earning the right to do a follow up," said Knight.

Given my look at Limbo in Dante's Inferno, I don't see exactly what the problem is. It's not like the development team is shy about taking liberties with the story whether or not the original text lends itself to video games. So why not bend Purgatorio and Paradiso like they were pipe cleaners in an art class?

In any case, Knight's team has their hands full with a sequel already: Dead Space 2. I could make some snarky comment here about originality in that series, but I think I've exhausted my snark quota for the day. Anybody else want to take a stab at it?

Dante's Inferno Producer Knows Sequel Would Be Difficult, Awaits Challenge


    Whats another popular genre/game they can clone/rip off?

      as long as the games are good... don't exactly care!

      though, perhaps they could do a Roman story, fighting your way through Rome for revenge upon Ceasar?

        But the drawcard of games like this and gow is the fantastic setting and monsters. I don't know how they'd make something about besieging rome and attacking Cesar fun with monsters, and with monster it will look almost EXACTLY like god of war.

    Can't say I'm much interested in this game. When I want a dose of modernised Dante I'll head to Devil May Cry, which at least doesn't attempt to claim any degree of faith to the original material.

    That said, the afterlife of other religions seems like a natural progression...

    Having studied the Divine Comedy at Uni a couple years ago, I still think turning it into a game is plain bad taste. Take inspiration from it by all means, but base the game directly on Inferno, while massacring its content? Way to shame us all, EA.

    I hope a sequel to this isn't made so we can avoid the cultural low point.

    Devil May Cry is as much based on Dante's Inferno as Final Fantasy VII is based on Kabbalah. And you think the game itself is in bad taste? The downright grotesque PR stunts EA has pulled should be an indicator of how bad this game is going to be. That the embarassing Death fight- where the GRIM FREAKIN' REAPER has his scythe stolen and begs for mercy (apparently, he's inspired by the Billy and Mandy version of Death) doesn't give me much hope, either.

    Anyway, as for a sequel...why not a military FPS? One where you shoot with a guitar! And it could be full of sandbox mini-games with RPG elements!


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