David Jaffe: Aussie Censorship Is "Utter BS"

God of War creator David Jaffe has labelled the Australian classification system "utter BS" and believes it stems from an old-fashioned attitude that video games are purely for kids.

Presenting at the Game Connect: Asia Pacific conference in Melbourne, the always quotable Jaffe was asked for his views on games classification in Australia and how he feels about the possibility of having to edit or self-censor his own games.

"There's a government board and if they say it's too offensive, in that case there's no fight to fight — it is what it is," he said. "There's not much you can do if you're making games aimed at a mature audience. We never like to cut it, but what are you going to do? You're dealing with governments.

"There's absolutely an inconsistency in the consciousness about video games. The reality is people still see a lot of these things as kids' toys. It's utter BS."

Jaffe's original God of War, its sequel and the PSP's Chains of Olympus were all rated MA15+ for violence and sexual references by the Australian Classification Board. God of War III has yet to be classified.

Jaffe also hinted at his plans for the future with his development studio, Eat Sleep Play, suggesting he's working on a very mainstream title for the PlayStation Network. Read more at the link below.

David Jaffe on his next title and Aussie game censorship [ITWire]


    My favourite developer for my favourite game (Twisted Metal) getting his word in on our stupid rating system.

      Jaffe is always great for a comment!

      Still hope that he has been working on a Twisted Metal game all this time... I'd settle for a HD-remake of World Tour... :)

        Its comming man... its comming.

    I wonder how long it will be before those who make the choices for the rest of us take notice.

    Maybe if enough successful and influential people through the industry rip on our little hick system through the course of the next year or so, we'll finally get some action.


    Well he's pretty much right. There was no need for R18+ when games were just for kids.

    Now that gaming is becoming bigger and bigger, we need to expand our resitrctions and change our old laws along with the ever-changing world itself.

    People like Atkinson are living in an old world that doesn't exist, and therefore should retire from high political positions and let the more open-minded people take over.

    Splee! This problem is really starting to gain some momentum

    Man, from the title of this article, i thought Jaffe specifically stated that the Australian Classification is BS.

    im trying to decide whos worse micheal atkinson a man whose stuck in his ways about an oppressive system or steven conroy a man whos trying to create an oppresive system

      Both creatures of the 'big government' Labor Party- the party that wants to raise your kids for you.

        ive already decided not to vote labour again which sux cus i hate liberal nationals policys (climate change isnt real, war in iraq was a good thing ... ETC)but untill labour syops trying to subjugate the population i cannot with clear conscience give them my vote or through inaction cost the opposition a vote

          here, here!


            You're going to vote for people who think "climate change isnt real, war in iraq was a good thing" (YOUR WORDS) because ONE GUY in Labor has a thing against an R18+ rating FOR GAMES ?!?!?!?! O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O O_O

            We can change or get rid of him! Don't do it!~ The world and people's lives are at stake. In reality we as people can just stand up for our rights of freedom together. Create a movement instead of settling for voting for a government that's going to DESTROY EARTH AND HUMANS as part of its policy PLS.

            Or maybe I'm missing something large else you have against Labor. I do hope so.

              your mising the point i never said i was voting liberal i might vote independant as long as i know that candidate will preference away from labour also dont forget senitor steven conroy the man trying to force internet censorship through now i support almost all of labours policys except those and ill vote the way i do because i cannot abide such a blatent attack on our liberty

          its so sad that we have to vote for the lesser of two evils .... between a giant douche and a turd sandwich

          This is really the major inherent flaw with a two-party system like we have. There's really only two major political parties that have the lion's share of power, and that's fine sometimes, but often in order to gain that level of mainstream acceptability they have to campaign on very similar issues and platforms, so in the end it's two faces of the same coin.

          Of course if everyone actually took an active interest in politics, voted intelligently and dropped the mentality that a vote for a candidate that accurately represents their views rather than thinking that a vote for anyone other than labour or the coalition is a 'wasted vote' then we probably wouldn't have the problem in the first place...

    How do demos of unreleased/unrated games get onto our Playstation Stores? I grabbed the God of War 3 demo a while back and the store said it was MA, I think. It must be a Sony Australia suggested rating?

    I won't be surprised at all if the game is refused; it's epic brutal.

    Really tired of every American having an opinion on this.

    Our "censorship" comes from the same place as the rules in the USA which see you get fined for using the F word even at 10:30pm at night on Saturday Night Live, or the Janet Jackson/Timberlake thing becoming a massive big deal. Heck, they are MORE conservative than us.

    The only difference is the free speech aspect of their constitution means that their wowsers can't ban any of this, just rate and restrict. A lot of their lawmakers would ban games left right and center if they could.

    Ours, on the other hand, can ban games left right and center and do not; however, they don't have any particular incentive to stick their necks out and make a heroic stand to overrule Atkinson and risk becoming unpopular over an issue which doesn't matter to any of them personally.

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