Dead Or Alive PSP Game Bundled With Sexy Kasumi Statue

The statue is not new — we've seen it before. But we haven't seen it bundled with Dead or Alive Paradise. Nor have we seen the Japanese release date for the title. Likewise, new!

DoA Paradise will be released in Japan on April 2, 2010.

As we previously noted, because Dead or Alive: Paradise is a lot like Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, only without all that volleyball, giving extra attention to the gambling, mini-games and relationship management aspects of the Team Ninja series. And it's probably a port of the game of the same name released for Japanese cell phones in late 2006. Expect to see the DOA girls in bikinis, doing bikini-appropriate things.

The game will be sold either as a stand alone or in two different bundles. The ¥7,329 "Secret Paradise Box" is bundled with a secret photo album, soundtrack CD, an original Kasumi box cover and the game. The ¥15,729 is bundled with all that plus the Kasumi figurine. It allows players to enjoy two different bathing suits: skimpy and skimpier.


    I was excited to see the Dead or Alive series coming to the PSP, then I looked at the game we'd be getting and now I feel sad. The PSP is the perfect system for fighting games, so why are we getting cheap ports of mobile phone games.

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