Demon's Souls' Pure White Christmas Starts Today

Adventuring in the kingdom of Boletaria is going to be just a little bit easier this week, as PlayStation 3 role-playing game Demon's Souls switches to "Pure White World Tendency" today in recognition of the Winter Solstice. Wuzzat, you say?

Well, if you play Demon's Souls casually, oblivious or indifferent to the game world's "tendency", a Pure Black or Pure White setting has an effect on many things in the game. Enemy strength, availability of certain items and luck of the drop are all affected by tendency, a setting that can be manipulated by certain world events.

But Atlus is forcing a change to the world to Pure White for the next week - similar to the Pure Black World Tendency event that hit this Halloween - something that's not easy to do by oneself. The online game server goes white right about now, specifically at noon Pacific Time (7am AEDT) and ends next Monday, December 28, also at noon Pacific Time (December 29, 7am AEDT).

What does pure white world tendency get you? Lots of stuff, including non-player characters that wouldn't normally appear, access to certain portions of the map, all kinds of stuff! In fact, you can't get certain PlayStation Trophies without a Pure White World Tendency in effect. The unofficial Demon's Souls wiki has a handy explanation of what's different.


    I just finished Demon's Souls last night, and out of the two weeks I've been playing it, I've never seen tendency turn away from white.

    Kav: You're one of the lucky ones, chances are.

    Everyone else: It's a clever idea to do this sort of thing, however, if you don't have any online connection, it'll suck not having pure white tendencies, unless it's done by the in-console clock.

    From what I’ve heard about this game id rather keep my TV and video game controller intact. That being said i couldn’t buy it if i wanted to because i haven’t seen a single copy for sale anywhere.

    Can't wait to go home an play it !!
    Got some levels that need re-exploring !

    Its a hard game but actually in the end it isn't hard at all. If you know how to kill something bosses can literally die in 5 secs.

    Does anyone else have a problem with the servers not being pure white? All my worlds are still stuck at neutral =/

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