Digital Re-Releases Deal Damage To Collections' Value

Who doesn't love it when golden oldies get a re-release over the PlayStation Network or Virtual Console? Game collector, that's who. MTV Multiplayer examined collectable game values and saw many nosediving after getting a reboot on the current generation.

Some highlights or lowlights - really, you should go see the whole thing - Marvel vs. Capcom 2 bottomed out after releasing to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN this year. After reaching highs of $US109.99 (PlayStation 2) and $US91.99 (Xbox), they slumped to $US43 and $US30 respectively after the title went out online. Ouch.

The games get a dead-cat bounce but prospects for a recovery beyond that aren't good, if Castlevania is any indication. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night in its PSOne form hit $US50.75 in December 2006. The next year, the game was released on XBLA and PSN, dropping the hard copy value to $US19.99. It's recovered slightly to $US27.12, but that's just a little over half its pre-re-release (say that three times fast) high.

MTV Multiplayer did its analysis according to Really, though, take a look for yourself. They covered much more than those two titles above, and offer tips for the safest investments unlikely to be undercut by re-releases.

Video Game Collectors Feeling the Pain of Re-Releases [MTV Multiplayer]


    Collectors would be more worried if they did a reprint of the game on disk. That would permanently effect the rarity of the game.

    Regarding Castlevania, I think there are other reasons for the price drop.

    A "remastered" version of Castlevania SoN was included as an unlockable in the PSP Dracula X Chronicles - available on UMD and download.

    Why would any Castlevania fan bother buying the original PS1 version of SoN, when the recent release includes the definitive version of SoN.

    castlevania symphony of the night isnt on the au psn store D:.

    anyway to access the american?

      Yes, first make an American account (this is easy, just make up an address at Beverly Hills 90210 or something) and next get a PSN store credit voucher online. I have used for this a few times.

    Its absolutely right. Most of the Zelda games have lost theyre collectable worth. They used to sell for anywhere between 50-100 but now wou would only get about 20 if your lucky, most people hold back until a cheaper one pops up.

    I don't really have any sympathy for people who expected the value of their copies of games to stay high. They were never sold as limited editions, so they shouldn't be surprised when more copies are produced.

    Furthermore, the games were designed to be played. If the prices of old copies of games are going up, it is because people want to acquire and play those games. Having the publishers make those games more widely available is a great idea.

    Although it may not be relevant anymore, for me, the packaging of a game was part of the experience. I can look over my game collection and get that nostalgic buzz just by oggling the box art. That tangible quality is something that can't be replaced with a digital download.

      I thought that, until I left home. At that time I realised that having boxes and the like is a COMPLETE waste of time and space, and does nothing but a sore back from extra lifting and an increase in allergies from more dust in the air. BIN THE BOXES! Digital downloads <333

      Also, regarding the game collectors... bahahaha! Suckers!

    yes, yes, yes.

    Remember when you opened up the cardboard boxes for snes games? We kept all our snes games in the boxes man. feels good

    I bought Final Fantasy 7-9 for my girlfriend last year, and it was a horrid experience. Because of it's 'collector' value, actual fans and players can't get, and PLAY, these classic games.

    So I am all for these re-releases, and say nuts to those who are upset. They are directly profiting on people wanting to just play; true collectors would still prize things like original print runs, unopened copies, and so on. Like comic book owners; do you see rereleases there devaluing 'collection' copies?

    I sold a copy of Castlevania SOTN on ebay for $210 AUD a few years ago, just thought I'l let people know...

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