Donkey Kong As Expressionistic Painting

As seen on Pasta Tech. Thanks, Raymond!


    Nice fingerpainting. Bet they could sell that shit for lots of dough too. Now excuse me while I go fingerpaint "Burger Time".

    i love it for som emany reasons.

    pretty sure this has already been posted...

      It has, along with other paintings in a similiar style. Don't worry about it.

    Gotta love how pieces of crap like this can be considered "art".

    i hope to hell no one would buy something like this...

    Donkey Kong seems to be suffering a mild case of 'blue-balls'. I think he needs a lady friend...

    Never has Mario been captured better that this shapeless monochromatic blob of colour

    Is it weird that I laughed idiotically at this? Those blobs just cracked me up.

    Not weird at all, Josh. I find this piece of art very interesting, though.

    @Sigil: Why exactly is it a piece of crap? Because you don't like it?

    I like minimalistic stuff. It's clever, and nostalgic, and evokes more than a few thoughts and responses. Like the fact that we can associate entire concepts, people and ideas with a few basic blots of color organized in a certain way.

    Oh never mind, you probably just think I'm "wrong" or that I'm some wanky art person who likes "crap".

    Man, ignorant people are so damn irritating.

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