Dragon Age Returns To Ostagar Next Week

Return to the scene of a king's downfall with the release Return to Ostagar, the latest downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins, due out next week for the PC and Xbox 360.

Ostagar is the very first area you visit in Dragon Age: Origins once you make it through your character's original story, though shortly after you get there the location becomes less than welcoming to continued exploration, what with the rampaging hordes of vile creatures and the chance of getting dead king on your boot soles. Return to Ostagar allows players to reclaim the secrets lost on that battlefield. The downloadable content will be available for the PC and 360 on January 5, with the PlayStation 3 version arriving later in January.

"We are thrilled at the way the fans have embraced Dragon Age: Origins and we're excited to welcome them back into the game," said Aaryn Flynn, General Manager and Vice President, BioWare Edmonton. "Return to Ostagar represents BioWare's commitment to providing a steady stream of compelling post release content as we continue to expand the Dragon Age universe."

As reported previously, Return to Ostagar will run 400 Microsoft points, 400 BioWare points or $US4.99 depending on your system.


    It’s really obvious this DLC was cut out of the game to be sold later, why else would they design Ostagar this huge town and have you there for a total of like 15 mins. I’ll be buying this, but it will be nice to see the DLC that really is a whole new add-on, and the user created stuff.

      Yeah, I'm starting to see that with some other games. AC II's episodes I think were cut out, but at least they're going to be cheap, or I wouldn't purchase them. Borderlands in particular seems to me like something was cut out, I just can't figure out what. Maybe a future DLC will shed light on that.

    I can't say I've disliked any of the DLC so far. It's likely they designed the DLC during the game creation phase. It's a catchcry that they cut it out of the finished game and there's no way to prove it. I don't believe they did it with this particular one, however I do believe they did it with the initial 3 pieces. I think this is the first piece they've created since the release that hasn't been.

    I don't really like the fact that the DLC for Dragon Age has been released by the bucketload while back in the Mass Effect days we only got 2 pieces of DLC for the whole lifespan of the game.

    Let's just hope that Bioware manages to get around to actually releasing some DLC for Mass Effect 2 this time around. Lord knows I'll be buying it.

      Bioware have said they plan on a lot of DLC for Mass Effect 2, according to this story they are already working on some.


    I'm all for DLC. I don't get why people complain about DLC being cut out of the game to be sold later - I know that AC2's DLC was cut out of the game for time constraints, and we're only getting it now because they can add it via DLC.

    Dragon Age was a massive game anyway - to complain about having to pay $5 for DLC seems like complaining about a single dead pixel on a 52 inch TV to me.

    New DLC would be good, but unless it's really substantial (in price as well as content), it's not worth them bothering - you only get a couple of quests usually, and to design a new city for the sake of a couple of quests isn't economical.
    An expansion similar to Fallout 3 would be great though.

      Time constraints are nothing, and they shouldn't be an issue. If you have a set date, I expect my game to be finished and pristine by the time it goes gold. And I'm not complaining about having to pay for DLC - it's about having to pay for DLC that should have been included in the game in the first place, but was cut for some reason or other. And F3's DLC wasn't all good. I would recommend only 3 out of the 5 DLC's for Fallout, the other two were garbage. Though you make a good point, I'm not against DLC, just stuff that should be in the game. Take Versus Mode in RE5 for example. I thought it should've been in the game, but that didn't stop me from buying it.

      DLC is fine, just not when you're paying for stuff that feels like it could have been included in the game to add that little extra bit of content, but wasn't due to the devs wanting to meet aforementioned release dates or just being lazy.

        I disagree. Time constraints aren't nothing, and they are an issue. Games will never be perfect, and in nearly every review I've read with developers, they state that they've gotten most of the content they wanted in there but had to cut things that were simply too ambitious, or they had to meet deadline.

        Games that are developed over enormous periods of time to include all the content and to be pristine are the ones that get slammed for having out of date graphics, gameplay mechanics, or simply just being too late to the party.

        Andrew raises the point about games can suffer from too much DLC and not enough content on the disc - I agree completely, and it's not something that we want to see happening in my opinion. However, some cuts are going to be inevitable, because given the option, most developers would never release a game without all their content.

        Given the option between never seeing that content (as like it or not, in some cases it was inevitably going to get cut), or getting it via DLC, I'd choose the latter.

        Point well taken on Versus Mode in RE5 though - that should definitely have been on the disc. I don't think DLC should be an excuse to milk purchases after the fact, nor should it be a reason to release games half finished. However, it is an important tool in releasing parts of a game that we wouldn't have seen otherwise, regardless of whether we think they should have been in the game or not.

      Sometimes a game can really suffer because the developers wanted to add stuff later through DLC, anyone remember TNA Impact?, that game was so bare bones is was laughable, the developers said “don’t worry our game is shit now, but we will add a whole lot of stuff later through DLC” well that DLC never came, and a whole year went by before Midway eventually went belly up. I remember reading the IGN q&a about the features, at least 70% of the features requested by fans got the same generic “Maybe soon with DLC” response

      I love DLC a lot of developers put a lot of effort into on-going support, I just don’t want to see developers making a crappy game because they believe they will add better stuff to it later, AC2, Fallout and Dragon Age are bad examples because those games are so great to begin with.

      If you ask me, developers shouldn’t make game that has the possibility of being great down the line once you buy other stuff, it should be great as soon as you buy it. The other stuff should just make it better. But yea, AC2, Fallout and dragon age don’t really fit the bill in the case.

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