Dragon's Lair Does DSiWare Next Week

Digital Leisure is bringing Dirk the Daring to the DSiWare service next week, with the DSi becoming the umpteenth platform to receive a port of Don Bluth's classic laserdisc game Dragon's Lair.

It's hard to say how many platforms exactly the game has been ported to already, with some computer platforms receiving multiple versions of the game on multiple media types. The most recent release was for the iPhone, and now the Nintendo DSi gets its game on with a DSiWare version of the game, due out December 22 in North America and January 1 in Europe.

The DSiWare version of the game, unlike previous versions released on Nintendo's handhelds, features the fully animated scenes from the laserdisc original instead of sprites. When we first heard word of the release we were somewhat skeptical, thanks in part to cancelled releases for the original DS and PSP, but now we're 99 per cent sure Digital Leisure is going to follow through.

Maybe 98 per cent.


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