Drunk Scot Woman Stabs Teen In Xbox Argument

Whoa, whoa, whoa, lady. When I said, "try safe, effective, fast-acting kick his arse", for video game–playing kids who won't listen, I did not mean "ventilate his abdomen with a kitchen knife".

Authorities say a 13-year-old Scottish boy was stabbed by his 55-year-old babysitter after he refused to stop playing his Xbox (original or 360, naturally, unspecified. I'm betting the latter.) While Isobel Mackenzie says the wee lad cut himself to get her in trouble, she did her case no favours by admitting to getting drunk before the incident. A three-day trial found her guilty and ...

She was ordered to do 300 hours of community service. Now, a seven-plus work weeks picking up busted condoms by the roadside is no picnic, but for stabbing a kid, that's a wow. Over here, Lord knows what sentence she'd have drawn.

While we're on this subject, can I rant about something else? Is it a law that cop reports don't specify what console or game people are playing when stupid stuff like this happens? Not that it changes the facts of the case any, but - soapbox here - I'd argue that this persistent generic treatment is one reason games are portrayed so trivially in these types of stories.

Drunken Woman Stabbed Boy, 13, in Row Over Xbox [Scotsman.com via Gizmodo]


    Like i've said before, it's better to not report this kind of thing at ALL. All it does is perpetuate scaremongering over video games, which we certainly don't need more of.

    It's not even really relevant. "Person does something. There was a video game nearby"

      This. The media just amplifies and takes the story completely out of context. Some of it is justified, but making a big deal out of it certainly gives video games a bad reputation and will definitely exacerbate the debate that video games are too violent.

      Spot on.

    uh oh. more fuel for atkinson. haha

    Owen makes a good point in the last paragraph. All games are portrayed badly in the media in my opinion though. "Unhealthy," they say. "Addictive," they say. Compare that to cigarettes, and come back to talk to me.

    Games don't deserve the bad rep they get.

      i agree with you that the media does portray video games badly. but look at how many kids play games and how many of them smoke.

    There's no law regarding whether or not they are allowed to specify what they were playing exactly, but if they choose to specify it, they may open the doors for law suits regarding defamation of the software developer. "Are you saying our game CAUSED this to happen? Pay up!"

    I'd prefer not to hear the game being mentioned cause a lot of the time they either lie or every incident really does involve Grand Theft Auto which gives the media and people who have no life or brains go on and on and on about how GTA and video-games creates violence.

    But the real question is, is the woman banned from baby-shitting again? You may not need any permit/experience, but surely shes being made stay away from job choices like these.

    Rehab would also be punishment, even if she isn't n alcoholic or addicted. She clearly has no control over herself when under the influence.

      "baby-shitting" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA that made my day


        Totally realized my mistake then. Was about to be like, "Ahh it says Baby-SITTING in the post, so whats your point". Before i realized the error.

        Then again, shitting would go well with this post. What a bunch of shit she has got herself in.

    While calling the cops isn't the best way to control your childs gaming; stabbing them really isn't either. Hell it wasn't even her kid and she only got 300 hours of community service?

    This story also proves a rule i live by (taught to me by TF2); "never piss off a drunk scotsman"

      Or woman...

    Oh no! Games are now so violent that they're infecting onlookers with their orrific murderous tendencies?


    Support Micheal Atkinson for King and Grand Censor!

    Sorry, I think someone was just sticking imbecile pins into a voodoo doll of me...

      Grr... I mean "Horrific murderous tendencies", damned lack of proof reading

      No wait, that's a side effect of the imbecile pins

    Jeez, i'd go stab somebody if the penalty was only 300 hour. Anybody up for an 60-man Atkinson Raid.

      Regular or heroic?

    I dont see what the big fuss is about not allowing aussies to have 18+ games.

    People get violent over video games, yes im sure but does that mean we should ban games? Im not sure, but if we were to ban games, then should we ban alcohol and ciggarettes?

    I know plenty of people argue and fight over those things.

    Lets see.... Get drunk, bash family, drive and road rage, ruin proptery and lots more daily or stay home and enjoy a game having a stabbing once every year?

    As long as games remain popular, you'll have the media grabbing a hold of it as the cause of every incident in existence. Bogos got it spot on.

    I'm just curious as to what the next form of entertainment will be that the media will end up grabbing as the reason for society's problems.

    Surely with all his game playing skills, he could have disarmed her and stabbed her several times instead? Unless of course, the whole video game playing trains terrorists and leads to violence claims aren't true!

    ...Mum? (not really)

    This just futher proves how video games have to become more violent in order to teach the kids how to defend themselves against the deranged baby sitter

    This would probably wouldn't happen if she was drunk, which wouldn't probably happen if she was bored. The boy should've let her play 2nd player on his xbox.

    Mr Spoon fails to see how this story applies to the whole "Video Games cause people to be more violent" argument.
    Mr Spoon observes that the only person engaging in violent stabbing-type behaviour was the person in the story who was anti-gaming.

    Drunk scot, isn't that kind of redundant?


    They should've made her play 360 hours of leisure suit larry as a punishment

    Totally agree with all the above regarding the lack of relevancy - he could have been doing any number of other things, and the outcome would have remained the same.

    The problem is that new technology is always made out to be the villain. The electric guitar was the work of the devil, movies and computers are going to kill us all, etc. It will take a while before games are seen as anything but children's toys and irrelevant in society. Give it a few years and acceptance will grow - it already is growing now. In the meantime, any hint of video games being involved in violence will become the latest media beat-up. At least it's not another "Se"Xbox controversy.

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