DSi Gets Release Date In China, Packed With Nintendogs

China's iQue, which officially handles Nintendo releases in the territory, will be launching the DSi (iQue DSi) in China on December 15.

The handheld will come pre-loaded with Nintendogs. There will be a line-up of DSiWare titles localised into Chinese, which should correspond with the DSiWare launch line-up in Japan. Players get a 1000 DSiWare point gift card that must be used by March 2011.

To promote the hardware launch, DSi demos have been popping up in cities like Shanghai.

神遊科技、DSiを12月15日に中国で発売―『Nintendogs』を内蔵 | インサイド [Inside Games]


    Does it come in Red?

    Funny how ever since the Chinese riots over the school textbook censorship in Japan, all these Japanese brands are operating under different names.

    Still ignoring Shanghai would be a wasted opportunity.

    I always thought iQue was some kind of pirate rip off - I didnt realise it was a legit label!! haha

    The iQue has been operating as the Nintendo distributor for longer than the Japanese textbook saga. As far as I know, there was little word of it from China. In Japan, there was a shit storm over it. Government offices were threatened with "consequences".

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