DSi Launches In China

The Nintendo DSi has finally gone on sale in China. If someone asks you what the launch looked like, point to them right here and confidentially say, "This!"

Photos come courtesy of reader Brian (no relation), who snapped them in downtown Puxi, Shanghai. "This was set up outside a subway station and shopping district," writes Brian. "This is a pretty typical way of marketing in China, they basically had a booth set up where people could come up and try the system."  

"Not sure what the photos of people on the board was about," he adds. Ditto!

Distributed by iQue, the handheld comes pre-loaded with Nintendogs, and there are a line-up of DSiWare titles localised into Chinese, which corresponds with the DSiWare launch line-up in Japan. Players get a 1000 DSiWare point gift card that must be used by March 2011.


    1000 DSiWare gift card? That's not a bad deal. It's also interesting to note the difference of the Chinese launch and ones you'd find down here. Usually I just go in and buy what I'm going to buy, play a demo if there's one, then get bored and go. But nothing as elaborate as that.

    ..and then right next door is the place that sells the DSi compatible R4 cards!!! haha

    I saw soooooo many of those while I was in China


    It's not that amazing that it took so long to get released in China, just look at the iPhone which isn't even in the country yet.

    Will be interesting to see how China responds to it, I can see portable gaming being huge in China (I'm sure it already is...)

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